Monday, April 27, 2009

Bringing Sexy Back

I'm officially on "weekend away" countdown! I have a FULL fledged weekend planned away with some girlfriends. Road trip, hotel, college town! Bring it on! But that also means many I even have any cute clothes in my closet worthy of a "bar" night out? Is my hair cute? (my recent haircut is sketchy) Can I really hang anymore? What do college girls wear/and or look like these days? Will I feel as ancient as when I go to a concert and see tweens enjoying MY music? (I mean pleassssssssssse!) WOW! My girlfriend and I have been discussing in some detail what wrinkle cream we should buy. Hello! When did I get to be almost 40? And who said it was a good idea to "live life" and then have kids? I look at my 4 month old and think..."I'm your mom?" wowowow! It doesn't seem possible!!! (for the record 2 more years to 40 and I've got a FAB girls trip to Napa planned. enough said.)

And then there is the other side of things....the house will quite possibly be trashed when I return home on Sunday. (This is what my husband asked me last night........"So how much of my weekend is going to be non-productive?" Um, every last bit of it babe. Get over it. Man up.) And really, I'm leaving my most precious creatures with feed, bathe, clothe, etc. (Who am I kidding, the kids will NOT be bathed and their outfits will not match and my son will most likely NOT get his cereal and fruit/veggies twice a day.) Kinda scary!!!!!!! But as my girlfriend said today, over our ump-teenth conversation about this weekend, "You care, but REALLY, you get a weekend away so you kinda don't care?!!! Yes, Yes and Yes.

I gotta let it go and let Dad do his thing. One thing I know for sure is that no harm (that I will be privy to) will come to my kidlets. They will have their own sort of fun and schedule with him. I'll return refreshed and revitalized...hahahaha More like hung-over, exhausted and dog-gone happy to return to this thing we call being a "stay-at-home-mom!"

Have a wonderful week!

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