Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cuz I never.....knew love like this before....

WOW! So busy today that this might be my first "sit-down" all day....As I was driving away from pre-school after picking up my daughter, the song "Never knew love like this before" by Stephanie Mills came on the radio. (old school R&B artist) When I was pregnant with Lauren (she's my red-headed 3.5 year old) a girlfriend of mine said that after giving birth I will relate to "love songs" in a different way and will think of my children vs. men. Well she was right! Music has such an amazing impact in my life. If you are like me, it started way back in the day with some sappy love songs as you pined away for the 7th grade hottie. (the groups Chicago and REO Speedwagon coming to, am I getting old or what?) After you have children (this one was from my mom) it's like you are walking around with a gaping wound...your heart! All this ridiculous love and emotion (forgive me....I'm only 4 months post-birth from my 4 month old who cries as I write this and hello, can I get interrupted ONE more time while doing this???) So what was I trying to get at here? Music....what was the connection? That happens 10 times a day...."I know I had a relevant, intelligent point here,'s gone!!!!!!!!!!!!" So maybe I should just tell you about the awesome dinner I have prepared instead since I cannot remember the music thing I was going to write about?? hahahahha
(dinner recipe: food network magazine Feb/March 2009 issue, pg. 101, Slow Cooker Pork Tacos. However, it was so much better than the title. I took the time to make the pork marinade with ancho chiles and used all the "upgrade" taco toppings including jicama and mango. DELISH. I usually don't like eating what I cook, just enjoy the process and feeding others, but I am eating a second one right now!)

Thanks to all my terrific friends for their support as I begin the blog journey! I couldn't do it without you! Writing again fulfills a space in me that helps me feel a little more sane...a little more connected to my true self. : ) I'm a mother who today thought it was pretty darn cool that Lauren discovered multiple "ant houses" under rocks in the landscaping and was super excited to share it with me. ......"and I never knew love like this before".........................

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