Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Purpose driven

I've fully decided today that when I have a purpose and reason to get my butt going in the morning the entire day just shakes out better. Lauren has preschool on Tuesday and Thursdays for 2.5 glorious hours. I set the auto brew on the coffee maker the night before, ensuring a full caffeination to and fro school drop off. I am dressed and ready to go in my work-out garb. Evan is sometimes out of his sleeper. My teeth are usually brushed too as I talk to other moms and the teacher and nobody needs a whiff of morning breath! (I have been known to think to myself around 5:00 ish....hmmmmmm, "I don't think I brushed my teeth today!") I race home to Debbie Sieber and her idea of fun..."Slim in 6" (Well, Debbie, you apparently don't have 2 small children, a household that you are head of, dinner to prep, shopping, laundry, errands, etc. So slim in 6 months is more like it!!!!!!!)
After picking Lauren up we do errands and I'm just motivated and feeling so accomplished already and it's only 11:30 am!
Why is it that working out makes us feel so good and yet it's still such a pain (literally!) in the butt?!!!!
So it's left-overs tonight for dinner and a glass of 2006 Ravenswood Merlot Vinter's Blend. You gotta love Super Target where this $10 bottle of wine was on sale for $4.98! (I purchased 4 and thought I should have cleared the shelf upon retrospect today!)
My daughter has "glittered"4 wooden crafts and 2 ceramic cupcakes....and I thought these "Projects" would last for many more rainy days. "But, mom........pleasssssssssssse can I just do one more?" Well, you are being quite quiet as I blog and drink my wine....SURE!
Nothing earthshaking today ; )

Oh, do you realllllllly think they need to re-make Footloose? And with that High School Musical boy no less? Come on! Footloose was a BIG deal in my youth. Let's not ruin it. The classic is all we need!


  1. Hollywood needs some original ideas - and they need to leave the 'classics' alone.
    Thanks for the Super Target shopping tip regarding wine!!

  2. This is so funny, though I can't related to the children part... I feel like I'm constantly running around taking care of the dog, trying to work out, make dinner, clean the house and then do work... working from home has it's benefits but geezzzzz I'm constantly in go mode!