Saturday, April 25, 2009

You're gonna miss this...

Okay, so I guess when I tell my 3.5 year old daughter to "Focus" or "stay on task" I should take note of my own words! I just realized that my shirt is inside out. How long has it been inside out? Well, my guess is that when I left the dressing room at Banana Republic Outlet I quickly dressed and put it on backwards! Evan (4 month old son) had wet diaper seepage and when I looked down at my shirt I had to laugh at myself! We are so busy that we sometimes fail to see the obvious!

Prior to Lauren's nap she wanted a project and I nipped the painting by playing a game with her. No, in reality I do not want to play a game. I want to sweep the floor, get the dishwasher going and throw in a load of laundry. She set up Hello Kitty Memory by herself and I played a few rounds before I thought I could sneak off and she wouldn't notice, as she was pretty much cheating and getting excited by her four or more attempts at matching HK and friends.

Well, I must say that when I actually decided the rest of the stuff was less important and "focused" on the game, it was delightful. She had on a rashguard shirt and matching floppy hat that I had just got her on my 1.5 hour get-a-way. (big whoop...but I take what I can get! Hence, the Banana Republic dressing room!) She was just so stinkin' cute with her little belly sticking out of the shirt and was just giddy with delight when she would (without cheating!) make a match.

It seems hard to believe that one day she will want to be with her friends more than me. That she will beg for the car keys or a ride to the mall. Even more crazy will be the day she leaves for college and has a boyfriend...but I am getting ahead of myself here. There is prom, I mean kindergarten first! I hope all of you mom's out there can take a couple of minutes to relish in this thing we call motherhood today. My son's baby fat is deliciously rolly and smells of baby powder. Lauren is the light in my heart. It's hard to remember all this when there is so much "stuff" to get done. But I know in just the blink of an eye these precious moments will be just memories as we move onto to the next phase of our lives. And I really don't want to miss this! These are all the reasons I wanted to stay at home and not be at the office wondering what the nanny or daycare lady is witnessing. Thank goodness I can!

Have a great day and remember to "Focus" (on the good stuff!) : )

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