Thursday, May 14, 2009

Four Eyes....

So not writing a blog since last Friday has created a few things in my life: another little voice in my head saying "gotta write the blog, " lots of new things to write about (apparently I do have a life and things to say! Ha!) and a strong desire to share the knowledge that quickly comes at you when you are a mom. Knowledge that you acquire in a week or two!

Rip my heart out and stomp on it....My ridiculously adorable red-headed, freckle-faced, curly-haired, blue-eyed first-born got glasses today. OMG to the highest power.

It all started with a $5 vision and hearing screening at her preschool. I was then handed a "your child didn't pass" letter and $500 and 3 visits to the eye doctor later and I stand at this new threshold in motherhood.....sucking up the tears so she doesn't see and being less brave than my 3.5 year old! Why did I want to cry you ask? Well, it sucks that she needs to wear glasses. period. But really, who cares in the grand scheme of life and potential illnesses and sicknesses, etc. But we want our precious little beings to remain in our self-imposed cocoon of wonderfulness and innocence. And to be honest, (cuz that's all you are gonna get in this blog!) it is really just another thing for ME to deal with!

I took Lauren to get her bangs trimmed tonight after we picked up her glasses and they are cut a bit too short and I can't decide if she is a complete geek with short bangs and glasses or ........No, I'm her mother damn it and she's quite possibly the most perfect creature I have ever witnessed.

We have a black and white photo on the wall of my husband at the age of two, sitting on his grandfather's lap in a diaper with black horn-rimmed glasses on. Just quite possibly the second cutest thing I've laid eyes on. So yes, with giving birth to children comes the risk of passing on any, some, or all of our "stuff...." Whether it be bad eyes or a quick temper or small obsessive compulsive things like organizing a closet or lazy susan and being really really excited and happy about the task. But we are all doing the best we can day to day....and that is all we can do.

Thankfully, because her pre-school did this screening and we caught her left eye problem so early she may only have to wear glasses until first grade or worse case scenario, wear one contact lens for the long run. So what I learned is that it is really important to get a vision exam long before kindergarten because with small children eyes can be corrected if you catch it before the age of 5 or 6. So all the money we spent on pre-school was worth every penny. Thankfully we live in a county/state that still some-how has funding available to do these tests.

So as my mother said to me when I went back to my "dream corporate job" (HA!!! what little I knew!) 18 weeks after giving birthing Lauren and I was a wreck...."Tricia, this is the first of many firsts and you need to accept that and it will get better." I thought of those words as I pulled away from the eye doctor and kept looking in the backseat at this being that owns my heart and that I live for. I know I'm going to look back at this "first" someday and think it is really no big deal!

So schedule your eye exam for your child today!


  1. Glasses... good ole glasses! Love this posst!!!!

  2. I really didn't think Lauren could get any cuter, but I must admit, after seeing her yesterday with her rose framed glasses....SHE DID! She is the most adorable child. And I think those glasses really highlight her freckles! Stop the cuteness!