Tuesday, May 19, 2009

If you build it they will come....

Well folks, I've got big news! I am officially the proud owner of my own domain! That's right! www.mommysmissingpieces.com will soon come to life! I feel all official and stuff! ha ha. So now I need to use my mommy brain (scary) and find a little extra time (ha!) to use the tutorial and build the my very own website. So someday in the future this blog 'o mine will be directly from my website. Woooooo Hoooooo.

I'm off to Wisconsin for a week where my mom lives and it's kinda like the early 20th century there. I have access to the telephone and .........um, yeah............maybe a text or two. That. is. it. folks. My mother has no computer or internet. YIKES! Can you even imagine? At least she has a dish for some decent T.V. So if I get motivated or bored (both highly likely) I can skip to my lou to the local library and use the computer and update you on mommy-hood from the home-land. Very precious moments for my children to experience grandma, great-grandma and various aunts. (very few male family members still living!)

I will have many tales to tell of how I travel alone with a 5 month old and 3.5 year old. I will admit that my first solo trip with the new baby was scary. But again, Ikea or a 5 hour road trip alone...it gives you great confidence and despite the multiple "reach-backs, " candy treats, DVD changes one handed, or pit-stops, MOMs rock and we can do anything. Our brain is wired for this activity! (male brain.....um, not so much!)

Talk to you soon! : ) Enjoy your long weekend holiday...


  1. Congrats on your domain! How exciting :) Enjoy your time in Wisconsin with your family. Here's a fun car game: count bait shops and liquor stores along the way.

  2. HOLY COW!!! How fun!!! Your own domain... that's like foreign language to me.

    Have fun in WI.... and I'm super jealous about your lunch date!!