Monday, May 18, 2009

Ikea Sherpa

Sherpa: A member of a traditionally Buddhist people of Tibetan descent living on the southern side of the Himalaya Mountains in Nepal and Sikkim. In modern times Sherpas have achieved world renown as expert guides on Himalayan mountaineering expeditions.

Think "pack horse." Think of me as an expert guide expediting through a Swedish Wal-mart from Hell. Here is a visual for you: two kids, one stroller, three floors of massive superstore called mom. I am woman hear me roar!!!!!!!! Before you have two kids you wonder how a mom can do it. After all, you are living in the "one kid bliss" zone where anything that seems remotely difficult is nothing compared to the change that takes place with two. But you adapt quickly or you don't leave the house or have a life! It helps that Lauren can walk, talk and get in and out of her car seat by herself.

So thanks to Ikea's marketing whizzes who came up with the great idea to put the tea lights on the third worked! I shopped your whole entire giant superstore of disposable furniture and cute kids stuff and gadgets that just look better in your retail lighting. All I needed, wanted and came for was as many 100 packs of tea lights I could fit in my big blue re-usable Ikea shopping bag and under Evan's stroller. Well, you had me when I couldn't remember which floor the tea lights were on. (another Ikea marketing tactic....move stuff around....surprise them....change up merchandise to new floors for fun) So, all three floors un-intentionally shopped later...I had a stroller bogged down, a small child whose head I could only see peeking out around items and another blue bag purchased. Also, please note I am also wearing a baby backpack. I may be sweating. This is a new occurrence what with the two kids.

Yes, I get sucked in by the 100 packs of tea lights for $3.99 or some cheap price. However, I come, I stock-pile and I don't need tea lights for years!

So in some weird way, I climbed a mountain! I conquered said superstore with two kids, stroller, baby backpack and two shopping bags. Lauren thought she was at Disney World! If you have never been to an Ikea, they have special carts that click into a special escalator while you ride the people escalator down and meet your cart as it pops out of the gate. The first time you do this you are scared! But they are geniuses and it works great. I was officially an Ikea Sherpa!

If I can pull off three floors in Ikea then I am capable of much much more! Look-out world! So go out there and try to pull it off when you think you can't Mom's! The more you go, the more you do, the more accomplished you are and the more tricks of the trade you have to share with all of us.


  1. Thanks for doing all of the hard work for me and hooking me up with 4 HUGE bags of tealights! You are the best!!!

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