Saturday, May 30, 2009

Magnifying my bros toes...

My daughter is constantly picking on her bro. Picking out lint in-between his toes, checking out anything crusty behind or in his general.....pick-pick-picking at him. So tonight as Evan was swingin' away content as all can be, I thought Lauren was picking on him (per usual) and I said (or rather yelled) "Lauren, quit picking on your brother." To which she promptly replied, "I"m not picking at him, I'm magnifying him." OMG. Once again I need to hide my face as I want to laugh hard and fast and loud. Yes indeed she was "magnifying" her bro. She got a magnifying glass on our visit last year to the Adler Planetarium. Well, what could be better than magnifying your bros toes? You gotta love it!

I've been a mom now for 3.5 years and the high high entertainment factor never ceases to amaze me!!!!! And for the love of sweet baby Jesus it is bedtime. My husband's business trip to North Africa was de-railed due to engine problems after sitting on the runway for a few hours. (Um, yeah, that's a good thing!) He then decided to go on the previously planned camping road-trip with his father and nephew to the Black Hills, Custer National Park, etc. that he was invited on.

If you are a mom you can only imagine the concept of a week vacation without the kids or your spouse! I was supportive in the beginning and now as day 11 draws near I may want to kill him. And let's not even talk about Tues-Thurs. biz trip that follows his return late late late Sunday night! Thank god for pinot grigio my friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And, I do have a fab trip to Napa/Sonoma planned with my best gal pal for my 40th. I don't care if it is two years away, every dog-gone day since it's dream inception, I think about the plane ride, the luxurious accomodations, the wine tours, the spa treatments, the lunch after the spa treatments overlooking the wine valley, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.......

Rock on Moms. You gotta speak the dreams into existence. Now, what to do about that tummy-tuck and boob-lift! But alas, that's another post!

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