Monday, May 4, 2009

My so-called Ordinary Life...

Well, I'm still alive after "Girl's Weekend '09"!!!!! Wow, I thought I was ready and I think I hung pretty well, but it's Monday late afternoon and I'm still feeling a little foggy! Whew! Remember in college when you'd go out on Friday and Saturday night? (if you weren't extremely hung-over?) I guess after the age of 30 something it's rough to drink and stay up late TWO whole nights in a row! And let's not even get into the rounds and rounds of "shots." When was the last time you did a shot? Oh my goodness! When was the last time you slept until you woke up on your own? Wow!

I am glad to report that what I did get out of the weekend was a very much needed and appreciated break from the kids/house/husband/ordinary routine! What a nice feeling to wake up Sunday morning (one eye shut, one eye open...huh, what? where am I? Oh, hotel, girlfriends, what is that taste in my mouth?) and think..."I can't wait to see the kids today!" Delightful!!!!!! Moms really need a break....and I mean an "away for the weekend" break. Someone once said to me that when a mom returns from even a short amount of time away the kids act like you were rescued from the Bermuda triangle! It's even better now that Lauren is such a talker and filled me in on all the weekend details. (She said to me, "Mom, you do everything for me! It's hard with Dad!") Ahhhh, love it!

It's also about giving up control of how Dad is going to do things all weekend! I knew they'd be unharmed, but it's also nice that Dad can bond in a different way with the kids doing everything I normally do. I have to say I was pretty impressed with the condition of kids and house.

Many thanks to all my lovely gal pals for a fantastic weekend, so many laugh attacks and for helping me to feel young again....even if we never need to go to a college town bar again!
Oh, and now I have an "instruction" sheet for the kids that I made up for the weekend! So see how easy it will be to go away again?!!!!


  1. You blog is great T (although I was already a fan so I might be slightly biased) I of course am having trouble posting a comment (and I work in IT huh...interesting)

  2. I love this. It is amazing you find time to do it. Thanks for sharing. Melissa Dotson