Friday, May 8, 2009

To Mulch or Not Mulch on Mother's Day....

So get husband deserves to have all his dirt out here for all the world to see....Is it NOT Mother's Day on Sunday? What does this mean to men I wonder? After my "girl's get-away" last weekend and his whining over "I got nothing done" (something getting done in his world meaning: garage, lawn or basement) he is in full gear this weekend.

Now, I am fine with going outside doing a little gardening and problem. I feel good getting dirty and feel connected to the earth and all those who worked this soil before me. (even the woman who used to live in this house...kinda cool....she did the bulk of the work) We purchased the bulk of our garden veggies to plant and a few flowers this week so I don't have a problem with doing that this weekend. However, I do draw the line at "I was gonna order the mulch for this weekend." What? Do you have a brain cell left in that head of yours? OMG. I said, "Tell me you did not order the mulch." Please note this is a 1/2 truck load of mulch to be delivered on Friday to cover a large chunk of my driveway and it is like a 2 day job. I told him the only way for him to get out of a proper gift, card and flowers would be for me to not help what-so-ever with the stinkin' mulch. "But I really need your help. It doesn't matter if it's this weekend or next" he said. Again....searching, searching for brain cells.

It is now Friday night and no, there was no mulch delivery. Quite possibly because of my threats to his genitals or he simply forgot to place the order. I am not gonna lie....I simply do not have any interest in the god-forsaken mulch project. I really thought 2 kids would get me outta some of this work. I have a week to plot how to get out of mulch-a-mania next weekend.

So to all you mothers of human babies, animal babies, relative babies, etc. Happy Mother's Day! You are the greatest creatures on this planet! Mothers ROCK. (so hard) I salute you. I share your joy and pain. I stand tall and proud with you. This is the most amazing job I have ever done. Even without so much of a thank you from anyone on some days, I still go to bed (really really tired sometimes) and feel this weird sense of calm and peace and contentedness I have never felt before. As lame as it may sound, this was my true calling in life and this is my dream job.

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