Wednesday, May 27, 2009

you were only waiting for this moment to arrive...

So my precocious little red headed completed her first official "season" of pre-school. It was a great learning curve for both Lauren and mom. What began with tears, break-downs, teachers calling me for an "early pick-up" and stress between school days now ends with an independent, happy child who has her own little world apart from mine. Only a mom would understand how 2.5 hours away from your child is like the wizard of oz!

So along with pre-school comes artwork and projects by the truckload. Enter mommy dilemma number 52,498. Now, I'm the kind of mom who displays, frames, scrapbooks, saves, sends to all known relatives and even turns the art into cards. HOWEVER, a piece of white paper with a swash of color paint across it does not equal "worth saving." As my friend Kelly told me...."kids bedtimes are for tossing the crap artwork so the kids can't see." Well, Hello! Got it! I completely understand now!

Pre-school ended with a big construction and crepe paper wind sock. Super cute. Super cute at Grandma's house. I apparently made my comment about disposing of kids artwork at night a little too loud and one of the mom's said..."Oh, I keep it's all sooooo cuteeeeeee." Good luck with that. I'm keeping only the creme 'de la creme stuff and it's accumulating beyond my control. And really what becomes of this stuff in say, 50 years? Does anyone really want it?

Alas, it is "summer break" and I'm gonna miss those mornings apart. Motherhood is one of those crazy juxtapositions in life. You don't want them to grow up so fast and yet a full day at school seems like opportunity on overload for you! (I'm thrilled with 2.5 hours right now! What am I gonna do with a full day....oh, wait....I had another baby.)

***Mommy tip: I haven't purchased store bought cards for anyone since Lauren could hold a crayon or a marker! It is a good recycler of artwork and a big money saver. I give her stickers, stamps, paints, glitter and let her go to town. I write the greeting on the front and inside the card and tell her those are the only areas off-limits. The receiver of the card is incredibly happy and the overall impact is worth so much more than $4 at Hallmark.

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  1. I'm sure glad Sugar can't make art projects....