Friday, June 26, 2009

Freaky Friday...

I have so many weird feelings floating around. Post-vacation almost a week now, so I need to get over that. We are back into our routine. Spanish class on Monday, office on Wednesday, eye doctor today, and all these "Hollywood" deaths....weird. I am watching some sort of Farrah documentary and it's just sad. At the end of the day, when somebody dies at a young age it's sad, but once you become a mother and another mother dies and you see the grieving before and after it just hits home. I cannot even fathom something happening to my children, yet alone knowing that I would go before them and journey through that space and time to death.

I remember watching Charlie's Angels with my sister on the living room floor with our sleeping bags laid out and our T.V. trays with "pop" in our Tupperware non-spill cups and a snack of popcorn or Doritos. (all these reserved for "special nights", mostly Fridays). That hair! Those girls and the adventures! I just longed to be as cool.

And Michael Jackson, well, he was yet another childhood icon. He shaped my middle school dances. I will admit to wearing parachute pants (they were my sister's) with a black and white tiger striped "bandanna" around my neck with my MJ pin that I purchased at Coach House Gifts. (in the Pine Tree Mall in it's glory days for those of you hometown blog followers!) NO LIE. I thought I was pretty C.O.O.L. OMG. To think! I cannot wait to discuss all this with my daughter when she finds these photos.

MJ was the guy the guy that I adored liked. (did you follow that?) At middle school dances he would bring his own sparkle glove and dance the moonwalk to one of the popular MJ songs of the time while the girls would swoon on the sidelines. Oh, to call that boy your "boyfriend"!!!!! (which I never did)

I also remember being at said cool-guy house with a bunch of other classmates (why or how I was there is unclear but I was dying at the coolness factor) and his mother brought home the latest VHS tape release from the video store..........the THRILLER video and making of. WOW. I thought I had died and gone to cool-kid Heaven!!

And then there's Ed McMahon. I don't know much about him but know that I have a grandmother his same age so that just scares me. No matter how prepared you think you are for death, (at any age) it is a blow. I just know Ed was another icon.

I know the world is saddened by all these losses. And the break-up of the Jon and Kate Gosselin marriage.....................NOT! OMG. Stop already people! Just kidding on that note. The reality stuff is just overload sometimes.

On a better "reality" T.V. note, I am obsessed with "Tori and Dean" (Tori Spelling) and have in my hot little hands Tori's latest book, "MommyWood." I loved sToriTelling, her first book.

Thankfully I don't have access to US Magazine very often or imagine my blog posts? Oh, wait...this is about my life right?????!!!!! : )

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  1. It really was such a strange week... I guess it serves as a reminder that even famous people struggle and no matter how much money or fame you have, you can't escape the basic trials of being human