Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Post-Vacation Blues Baby...

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaack! Suffering from post-vacation blues, yet I have returned! I survived the North woods with a bunch of kids and friends and if it is possible, I might love the friends even more. Now who can say that after an experience traveling with 4 kids under the age of 9? (and mine are the young irritating ones!)

So I have learned many a thing on this trip....let me share!

-separate siblings (especially on the drive)
-drive 10 hours to destination without spouse (girls have way more stuff to talk about)
-travel with friends who parent the same way you do (and drink the same way you do! HA!)
-separate all the kids every once in a while
-always start a 500 piece puzzle by finding all the edge pieces
-bloody Mary bars rule (even if you just partake of all the pickled goodies!)
-sharing food makes it taste even better
-the baby Einstein exer-saucer was golden
-force the children to wear a life-jacket if they are anywhere near the water
-one can never really put enough bug spray or sunscreen on
-laundry multiples like rabbits on vacation
-good friends are priceless
-politics and religion debates have no place on vacation
-Will Ferrell acting as Alex Trebeck SNL skit jokes never get old...."Your Motha Trebeck..."
-Cold beer in the afternoon at restaurants in Thunder Bay, Ontario make the trip to Fort William waaaaaay more fun (that and the constant Alex Trebeck jokes)
-Bailey's in coffee can start the day off with a bang
-no, I am not an alcoholic

"We're making memories here people!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Remember the Great Aunt I talked about who taught me to clean my house before going on vacation? She also taught me to have a vacation (even a mini one) planned soon after ending the one you just finished to lessen post-vacation blues. OMG. Always listen to Great Aunts! I would not be suffering right now if I had something on the calendar.

So back to reality and lots of other good stuff as I melt in the sudden blast of summer heat. YUCK!

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  1. Sounds fun fun fun, expect for the puzzle part. I hate puzzles!

    Glad you got home safely!

    xo martine