Friday, June 12, 2009

Rockin' out the Road Trip...

Okay, I'm so over it already! Let's go! I'm tired of looking at the packing I've already done, re-organizing what I have packed, and procrastinating! Let's go! Let's get in the car and drive to Verona, WI where our friends are anxiously awaiting our arrival with drinks in hand! We will then proceed to stay up too late and have to get up way too early to drive ALL day. Did I mention, DRIVE. ALL. DAY? Whew!

Did I mention the drive ALL day to Grand Marias, MN will include my infant son (6 mos) and my red-devil daughter (3.5 years) and Cleo (soon to be 5) and T.J. (8) ???? We really need to be medicated. (Well, we aren't all in one car to be fair!) However, my intense packing and shopping and organizing has really led to.....the most fixings one can possibly cram into an award-winning bloody Mary. I realized today my meticulous O.C.D. will lead to really kick-ass bloodies! We are calling it the "blood Mary bar" with all our fixings. And yes, some mornings may start with one. Hell, some days of this trip we will just coast from morning bloodies to afternoon delights and into cocktail hour.

Please lord, no sicknesses, puking or fevers. I have a zip lock bag filled with remedies, pills, chips, dips and assorted liquids in all colors for any given need. But since we will be a long long way to the nearest E.R. let this "bag 'o tricks" do the trick!

The red-devil is napping and the husband working. I'm finishing up on last-minute packing and what-not. (Figuring out how to dismantle the "baby Einstein saucer" so we can bring it with, as this is my son's LIFE. And, our salvation on the trip)

Thank goodness we are traveling to the land of no-where-ville and I need only bring sweats, hooded sweatshirts and long-sleeved t-shirts. (My favorite Obama long sleeve is sooooo packed to irritate the Dad of above-mentioned kids. He is a hard-core Republican even when it's so not cool to be one anymore. hahahahah My shirt should cause a ruckus and that is what I like to do)
I will most-likely not have a lick of make-up on or look remotely cute the entire trip. How can that not be a great trip? COOL! Love it! No pressure to have "out-fits" with or coordinated accessories. Amen, I can relax for real in the north woods of Minnesota!!!!!!

So I'll see you in a week or so! I'm ready to be a cool mom that doesn't care if the kids are dirty, dressed lame or head-to-toe sun blocked and bug-sprayed. (the drinking helps all this!) I will come back with great stories to share. We are making memories here people! That's what life is all about....great stories to tell the grandchildren! hahahaha

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