Tuesday, June 2, 2009

T's Tuesday Thoughts

I have been on a blogging research blitz. I am now subscribing to so many "mommy" blogs I am having breastfeeding flashbacks and pregnancy sympathy pains for all these unknown women....ha! (the breastfeeding topic needs it's own post....the sheer agony, delight, guilt and hell of it all!)

So I find that lots of these blogs give you a glossy, high design, editorial type photo and a tiny little blurb of writing. Hmmmmmm.....interesting. I have "blogging for dummies" on hold at the library. We'll see what they say about that! One woman in particular (above mentioned photo and tiny blurb of actual writing) was on Oprah and rakes in $40,000 per month for running ads on her site. Her husband quit his day job to help with her endeavors. Why I chose to tell my husband this is beyond me because it's all I hear about now!

So I'm gonna try this in the future. My intention for this blog was not just to blog about mommy stuff, but give recipes, organizing tips, helpful hints, a thought for the day, poetry, etc. So stay tuned but continue to count on me for the down and dirty writing. This is a platform for my book afterall. (hence, the "if you build it they will come" and "speak it into existence")

Notice how I begin every sentence with "so"? What would my journalism profs say? So, my husband is gone again on biz trip number 500 of the year (kidding) and I'm out of wine. WOW. Daughter upstairs napping, son swinging and finding his feet with giddy delight. Me...couch, lap-tap and DVRed shows.

Now what to do about more wine.....

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