Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Taco Tuesday...

It's Tuesday night and I'm awaiting the arrival of husband so I can promptly escape to mani-pedi world in preparation for 20th reunion on Sat. night. It's been awhile since my last post. I'm tired, sluggish, wondering if there is a pill to take to give me energy and inspirado.... And really, I thought working out was supposed to GIVE you energy and all that.....

Lauren and I attended her first real official play on Friday night at the local high school. Evan is sitting up really well without support and I'm wondering where my little tiny larva baby went. He is delighted by the cat and loves touching the grass. Both kids have "summer colds" or allergies or whatever. All I know is that it's snot-fest 2009 in the house. Said husband "got a cold from the kids" in like 24 hours but my super human immune system remains intact.

How do you like the rambling? It's all I've got to give right now. Heading to my mom's house for 2 or more weeks and I cannot wait. The walls are closing in. My sister (one and only sib) is arriving on Friday with her husband and two delightful boys whom I only see once or twice a year. We will all be jam-packed into her small home and the kids will be over-taking much of the space and..........well, I cannot think of anything more delightful. Waking up in the morning with kids, chaos and coffee is splendid. As a stay-at-home mom, having lots of people around makes me very happy. (until I snap!! hahahah)

I am looking very much forward to seeing all my old Class of '89 peeps and drinking heavily this weekend knowing my life (the kids) are well taken care of and I'm not paying for a baby-sitter!!!!

The whole reunion topic deserves it's own post. As does "book one" in the Twilight series....OMG. Help me.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

the best of...

Tonight I want to reflect upon some of the goodness I have felt and/or experienced this week:
~I got to eat the first ripe red, delish cherry tomato from the garden (there was ONE and one only ready to be picked! how cool)
~I had a $5 coupon off a French bottle of wine and later when I looked at my receipt, the check-out lady never charged me for the bottle!
~two fresh babes straight from the tub...damp hair, snuggled into bed, powdered and lotioned...ahhhhhhhhhhh
~lunch with a best friend today and a trip to Sanrio (a.k.a. "Hello Kitty store")
~after working through some minor frustrations, a trip to the Apple store ("genius bar") = a new ipod for the family, free of charge...thank-you!
~a mother-in-law who knows her curtains....because of her I will have two more rooms in the house fully curtained and fab!
~Bravo T.V. (enough said)
~a ridiculous pink and orange sunset observed from the windows of the room in which I sit...I could be anywhere....Hawaii, Door County, or Algonquin....spectacular
~looking forward to things (the weekend, a 3-week trip to my mom's, 20th class reunion)
~coffee makers with automatic timers
~not having to run the air conditioner in July
~corn on the cob
~knowing tomorrow is Friday....
ENJOY! Have a great weekend!~

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Vampires and Kids...they suck the life blood outta you....

Husband on work trip.
Both kids bathed.
One down....one to go.
Glass of wine.
Tori and Dean at 9:00 pm.

A laid back day at home with both kidlets taking 3.5+ hour naps! Projects galore completed by Lauren today....I literally emptied the contents of the "craft cabinet" on the floor and she picked through it all day with delight. And much to my delight with non-interrupted time....time to kick out the work-outs as we count down to 20th class reunion next weekend. : )

Who doesn't love the smell of freshly bathed babes? OMG. I never get sick of it!

Oh! A confession to make...I admit I have given in to peer pressure. I am currently on page 200 or so of "Twilight." I cannot believe I have fallen for this vampire crap. I mean ultimately this is tween scene book and why I am reading it? Well, until I got to this point in the book I was ready to scrap it. I was like......all this school cafeteria, teen angst crap.......please. I'm old for cripes sake! Then something happened around chapter 9 and well....I might, might the key word here, be hooked. Here is where Stephanie Meyer had me... (spoiler alert if you haven't read it!)

"About three things I was absolutely positive. First, Edward was a vampire. Second, there was part of him- and I didn't know how potent that part might be- that thirsted for my blood. And third, I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him."

Maybe this is what happens to stay-at-home mom's. We get stir-crazy, don't shower often enough and start reading tween scene vampire books along with all the crappy reality t.v. that is turning our brains to mush. WOW!

I'll let you know how it all turns out! : )

Monday, July 13, 2009

A change of scenery...

There is NOTHING like a little time away to bring the goodness back to mom-dom. As a stay-at-home mom the burn-out rate seems high. But then I think of the alternative....the 'ol 9-5 corporate gig....egads. Been there, had a baby, went back, thought I would die, done that.
So, please understand I thank my lucky stars and husband for this big fat delicious opportunity to be with the babes 24/7. However, everybody needs a little time away....(wasn't that a good 80s song by Chicago? 8th grade dances?)

So bless the in-laws for taking the kids for an overnight stay....wow. (Evan's first night away from me!) On Sunday morning I was looking for my husband and found him in a room we rarely use. (one of those "formal sitting room" spaces that is so low on the priority list of decorating and proper furniture for that is basically Lauren's toy room) I was like, "what are you doing?" He replied, "enjoying the silence." My sentiments exactly.

We got dressed up, dropped the kids off and headed to the city for a lovely little couples baby-shower. Now the city used to be a regular jaunt for us. My sister lived in the city for years and thanks to her and her large group of friends that became our friends I had more than my fair share of incredible times in the city. (largely dosed with alcohol and involving bars!) Now it seems like that life was so long ago. But it still felt cool to see that city skyline. It just never gets old. I feel cooler, electrified in some weird way when in the city.

We visited with friends we don't see often enough, ate great appetizers, drank wine and I just felt good. No children demanding a dog-gone thing. WOW. We slept in, or at least tried to. NO LIE. We don't have the children waking us up and a stinkin' woodpecker is pecking a machine gun sounding peck right outside the bathroom window. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Then my stinkin' cell phone battery starts dying and beeping. Again, this is a joke! We did however fall back asleep and I slept until 9:30! NICE.

We finished off the mostly kid-free weekend by playing tennis, going for a walk and going out for breakfast. A quick trip to the outlet mall and kid pick-up by 2:30 pm. What more could you ask for?

I highly recommend some time away if you can get it! I am refreshed and ready to be a better mom (or at least for today!)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

T.V. Detox....how long can it last?

Okay, so the T.V. died over the weekend....not so much "died" as much went into over-drive from DVD to T.V. 1, T.V. 2, and now just a random scrambling of channels in a crazy, nutty, self-possessed procession. Needless to say, we cannot use the one big main-stay T.V. of our T.V. watching. In the nice big comfy T.V. watching room. Well, we watched a movie on the computer over the weekend and that was nice...hahahahah (We each held a speaker close to us so we could hear properly)

We had full intentions of going plasma, LCD, LCD LED or whatever....but when WE wanted to do it. Like, when the basement was finished and lovely and we were fully prepared to drop the cash on the new system. Not when we have this perfectly fine entertainment center and T.V. and all our equipment is stashed away from human eye.

However, I'm 5 days in without T.V. (okay, there are two others in the house but not as convenient and during the day I'm not going in the office or one of the bedrooms just to catch summer re-runs or have my accustomed background noise.)

I got my hair cut and colored last night and my stylist kept asking me all these questions about the news and entertainment. She finally said..."oh yeah, you don't have T.V." And I realized that she gave me the full amount of news that I needed. WOW. REALLY? I don't need T.V.? Apparently not! I do have full computer remember...

This is something. I'm onto something big here. Bigger than me. Bigger than life itself. It's life-changing. I mean, I'm sooooo Madonna here. I'm Rosie O'Donnell here. (her kids go to a school that doesn't allow T.V.) Yeah, so Lauren still has her "baby T.T." which means baby DVD player with movies from the library. So I'm joking when I say I'm so absolved.

It's just that for a brief moment I feel FREE. I feel disengaged from all the mainstream hype and news and gossip and "this second information." I can surely get it from the Internet if I choose to. I've read far more of my book. I've amazingly found much to do with my life without Oprah, Martha, the View, Rachael Ray, and Ellen. And I can't get so self-righteous here, I AM still DVRing all my fave shows! : )

How long can it last? Hmmmm..... I suspect not long. There is movie watching to consider. I did however prop up my computer screen just to do my "Slim in 6" workout video. I call that dedication my friends.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Don't talk to me....color my hair...

You know you are a stay-at-home mom when you are counting down the hours that you will depart from your home (as early as you can) with book in hand to lovingly sit in the waiting area at your hairdresser's. And let's not even get started on the hours to cut and color your hair. You may talk, you may not. Surprisingly, my stylist and I are on a good vibe about this.

I love not talking sometimes. I have a 3.5 year old that doesn't shut up. The constant questions wear me down to the point of "just. stop. talking." (or the "quiet game") Dear Lord. Maybe it's because she's a girl. But I highly doubt it. It's just a kid thing and some days she just gets to me.

I know it's time for some alone time when I find myself really frustrated and irritated with the simple basics of a child. She is just being a kid. I am just being a mom. Sometimes the two do not mix. (Enter TIME AWAY)

Whew! Who ever said this gig was gonna be easy? I'll let you know how the hair turns out : )

Monday, July 6, 2009

Tired and happy...

Whew! The holiday weekend and running around festivities are over! A great weekend was had by all even though the 4th was a rain day. We switched up plans for the 5th instead and it worked out beautifully. We used our rain day wisely and got more organized and crossed tasks off the "unpleasant list".

In short, Lauren experienced the following over the weekend: (these are all new on her life list as an almost 4 year old)
~a trampoline (scary as that may be for me....potential knee injuries, knee in the eye from other child, etc. you get me)
~a landscaped pond containing coy fish (and lots of plastic dinosaurs to play with around the pond...not quite sure about this but I was busy with Evan so I didn't get the full explanation and later forgot to ask)
~a ridiculously high flying swing which she screamed in delight with
~shooting roman candles off with some sort of "gun" apparatus (this was dad's gig....I saw video footage later and it was cute in the wrong sort of way, hahaha)
~"farm life" is pretty darn cool
~a sparkler attached to a giant wand (for ultimate in potential firework hazards)
~a chocolate fondue with assorted "dippers"....you would have thought she died and went to chocolate heaven....this child is a sugar tooth big time.
~her first pontoon boat ride (I told her it was an adventure with daddy so I could get out of it...as much as I like boat rides, a mom has to get Lauren-free time when she can!)
~life sized fuzzy cat people (what do you call adults dressed as characters who walk around a theme park? In this case, a local fest) As far as I'm concerned, Disney just moved lower down the list as these cats satisfied her and made her very happy.
~a carnival at a local fest....a plethora of bright colors, cheap prizes, scary "carney" people manning the rides and a 3.5 year old in sheer delight!

Despite my tiredness right now, it is truly wonderful to experience life again through the eyes of your children. I keep thinking "that is the first time Lauren ever did that..." "Evan never did that before..." My mom once said having children is one "First" after another....some delightful, some that break your heart. So true!

God Bless America.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happiness is....

It's Thursday night but really feels like a Friday because tomorrow is a "free day." (meaning no work for husband...fun-day for family) I have had my 10 year old nephew and 8 year niece for most of the week and I have realized:
~older kids do lots of work for you (grocery shopping and hauling in said groceries is very nice!)
~older kids keep your smaller kids occupied and happy and you can hide away doing other things in other parts of the house
~older kids are like having other adults around and you can have "adult" conversations...kinda.
~4 kids in public means "getting the eye" from strangers...(Like, wow, really? You really had 4 kids?) (and in my mind...."wow, you really look good" hahahahah I was fully "cute" outfitted and fully make-up-ed today for errands with all 4 kids. Yes, with. all. 4. kids.)

So I am currently in Heaven. I sent Lauren and Dad off to the movies after feeding and bathing Evan and putting him to bed. I promptly poured a drink, found the bag of chips and french onion dip, put "Bride Wars" in the VCR and took to the couch like a sick child home from school with a "couch bed."

AMEN. and good night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Enjoy the holiday weekend friends!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Planting my trees...

How it happened, I'm not sure. I mean you get pregnant, wait 9 months, give birth, go through a bunch of sleepless nights and some transitional phases (especially with baby no. 2) and you end up with a 7 month old. I just can't believe I have this little person already! I have removed the swing and cradle and bouncer chair from my living room. I have reclaimed some adult space and feel like I have a new room!

YET, I'm kinda sad. This is it. I don't own any maternity clothes or nursing bras anymore. I don't have a "sleep positioner" anymore. The swaddling blankets haven't been used for months. I don't even have a need for burp cloths really. I don't have a tiny babe anymore. Evan is well on his way to becoming a toddler.

I have my two beautiful babes. How lucky am I? And a boy and a girl to boot?!!! Some would say I won the baby lottery. But it's just this weird woman thing. I just can't believe I will never be pregnant again or experience a newborn birthed (or cut) from my body again!

And don't get me started on Babies R Us. I ultimately can't stand this store. It is overpriced and they officially have the world's worst return policy on the planet. Yet, this is the #1 store to register for your baby shower. I had to purchase a baby gift so I ventured in a few weeks ago. I admit, I was sucked in. I wanted to buy everything and re-register again and it brought back all the giddy, new, scary feelings I had the first time I was pregnant. I could spend hours walking around looking at all the gadgets, clothing, gear, and equipment.

I have arrived at this space in motherhood where things are really really good. For example, I have been napping both kids at the same time in the afternoon. Can we talk about 2-3 hours of time without either kid? OMG. Fantastic! I can work-out, blog, clean, nap. I have a little bit of a life again! Lauren is self-sufficient on so many levels and she loves to help me clean and organize. Let's just say...Life is good.

I can't imagine starting all over again. I have always imagined my life with two children and never had a desire for more. But this mother-woman-gene sometimes takes over by brain and I want that pregnancy test high. I want the ridiculous joy I get when I share the pregnancy news with friends and family. I want that hospital experience again. (I can do without the c-section) The "it's a boy" or "it's a girl" declaration. That early day newness of just you and the baby and the lack of sleep, wired, aliveness. The greatest joy I have ever experienced.

Yet, we have so many journeys left to travel. So many exciting times ahead of us and our family. It's just crazy how quickly time goes the older one gets. I read Lauren a book today called "I Lost my Tooth in Africa" by Penda Diakite' and illustrated by Baba Wague' Diakite'. Baba shares a Mali, West Africa proverb in her Artist's notes. It hits home today...

"Raising a child is like planting a tree. When it is tended well, you will enjoy its shade."