Thursday, July 16, 2009

the best of...

Tonight I want to reflect upon some of the goodness I have felt and/or experienced this week:
~I got to eat the first ripe red, delish cherry tomato from the garden (there was ONE and one only ready to be picked! how cool)
~I had a $5 coupon off a French bottle of wine and later when I looked at my receipt, the check-out lady never charged me for the bottle!
~two fresh babes straight from the tub...damp hair, snuggled into bed, powdered and lotioned...ahhhhhhhhhhh
~lunch with a best friend today and a trip to Sanrio (a.k.a. "Hello Kitty store")
~after working through some minor frustrations, a trip to the Apple store ("genius bar") = a new ipod for the family, free of charge...thank-you!
~a mother-in-law who knows her curtains....because of her I will have two more rooms in the house fully curtained and fab!
~Bravo T.V. (enough said)
~a ridiculous pink and orange sunset observed from the windows of the room in which I sit...I could be anywhere....Hawaii, Door County, or Algonquin....spectacular
~looking forward to things (the weekend, a 3-week trip to my mom's, 20th class reunion)
~coffee makers with automatic timers
~not having to run the air conditioner in July
~corn on the cob
~knowing tomorrow is Friday....
ENJOY! Have a great weekend!~

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  1. Nice list!!

    I also love the new picture, cuteness!!!!

    xo martine