Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happiness is....

It's Thursday night but really feels like a Friday because tomorrow is a "free day." (meaning no work for for family) I have had my 10 year old nephew and 8 year niece for most of the week and I have realized:
~older kids do lots of work for you (grocery shopping and hauling in said groceries is very nice!)
~older kids keep your smaller kids occupied and happy and you can hide away doing other things in other parts of the house
~older kids are like having other adults around and you can have "adult" conversations...kinda.
~4 kids in public means "getting the eye" from strangers...(Like, wow, really? You really had 4 kids?) (and in my mind...."wow, you really look good" hahahahah I was fully "cute" outfitted and fully make-up-ed today for errands with all 4 kids. Yes, with. all. 4. kids.)

So I am currently in Heaven. I sent Lauren and Dad off to the movies after feeding and bathing Evan and putting him to bed. I promptly poured a drink, found the bag of chips and french onion dip, put "Bride Wars" in the VCR and took to the couch like a sick child home from school with a "couch bed."

AMEN. and good night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Enjoy the holiday weekend friends!

1 comment:

  1. I haven't seen bride wars, how was it?

    Enjoy your free time and all the kiddie help!

    xo martine