Monday, July 6, 2009

Tired and happy...

Whew! The holiday weekend and running around festivities are over! A great weekend was had by all even though the 4th was a rain day. We switched up plans for the 5th instead and it worked out beautifully. We used our rain day wisely and got more organized and crossed tasks off the "unpleasant list".

In short, Lauren experienced the following over the weekend: (these are all new on her life list as an almost 4 year old)
~a trampoline (scary as that may be for me....potential knee injuries, knee in the eye from other child, etc. you get me)
~a landscaped pond containing coy fish (and lots of plastic dinosaurs to play with around the pond...not quite sure about this but I was busy with Evan so I didn't get the full explanation and later forgot to ask)
~a ridiculously high flying swing which she screamed in delight with
~shooting roman candles off with some sort of "gun" apparatus (this was dad's gig....I saw video footage later and it was cute in the wrong sort of way, hahaha)
~"farm life" is pretty darn cool
~a sparkler attached to a giant wand (for ultimate in potential firework hazards)
~a chocolate fondue with assorted "dippers" would have thought she died and went to chocolate heaven....this child is a sugar tooth big time.
~her first pontoon boat ride (I told her it was an adventure with daddy so I could get out of much as I like boat rides, a mom has to get Lauren-free time when she can!)
~life sized fuzzy cat people (what do you call adults dressed as characters who walk around a theme park? In this case, a local fest) As far as I'm concerned, Disney just moved lower down the list as these cats satisfied her and made her very happy.
~a carnival at a local fest....a plethora of bright colors, cheap prizes, scary "carney" people manning the rides and a 3.5 year old in sheer delight!

Despite my tiredness right now, it is truly wonderful to experience life again through the eyes of your children. I keep thinking "that is the first time Lauren ever did that..." "Evan never did that before..." My mom once said having children is one "First" after another....some delightful, some that break your heart. So true!

God Bless America.

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