Wednesday, July 8, 2009

T.V. long can it last?

Okay, so the T.V. died over the weekend....not so much "died" as much went into over-drive from DVD to T.V. 1, T.V. 2, and now just a random scrambling of channels in a crazy, nutty, self-possessed procession. Needless to say, we cannot use the one big main-stay T.V. of our T.V. watching. In the nice big comfy T.V. watching room. Well, we watched a movie on the computer over the weekend and that was nice...hahahahah (We each held a speaker close to us so we could hear properly)

We had full intentions of going plasma, LCD, LCD LED or whatever....but when WE wanted to do it. Like, when the basement was finished and lovely and we were fully prepared to drop the cash on the new system. Not when we have this perfectly fine entertainment center and T.V. and all our equipment is stashed away from human eye.

However, I'm 5 days in without T.V. (okay, there are two others in the house but not as convenient and during the day I'm not going in the office or one of the bedrooms just to catch summer re-runs or have my accustomed background noise.)

I got my hair cut and colored last night and my stylist kept asking me all these questions about the news and entertainment. She finally said..."oh yeah, you don't have T.V." And I realized that she gave me the full amount of news that I needed. WOW. REALLY? I don't need T.V.? Apparently not! I do have full computer remember...

This is something. I'm onto something big here. Bigger than me. Bigger than life itself. It's life-changing. I mean, I'm sooooo Madonna here. I'm Rosie O'Donnell here. (her kids go to a school that doesn't allow T.V.) Yeah, so Lauren still has her "baby T.T." which means baby DVD player with movies from the library. So I'm joking when I say I'm so absolved.

It's just that for a brief moment I feel FREE. I feel disengaged from all the mainstream hype and news and gossip and "this second information." I can surely get it from the Internet if I choose to. I've read far more of my book. I've amazingly found much to do with my life without Oprah, Martha, the View, Rachael Ray, and Ellen. And I can't get so self-righteous here, I AM still DVRing all my fave shows! : )

How long can it last? Hmmmm..... I suspect not long. There is movie watching to consider. I did however prop up my computer screen just to do my "Slim in 6" workout video. I call that dedication my friends.

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