Friday, August 28, 2009

Beergaritas...try them tonight!

I'm simply passing the goodness of this drink on to all of you.  I am not a tequila (as my BF likes to "to kill ya") drinker.  I don't really go outside the realm of wine, vodka and the occassional beer.  (okay, those multiple shots of Jager during reunion weekend were just exceptions to my rules!  Ha!)  However, this recipe seemed delight.  I am here to say it was! 
You will impress your guests and it's easy...ENJOY!
~1 can of frozen concentrate Limeaid (do not add water)
~1 cup of tequila
~2 beers (corona or any other light in color beer will do)
~big pinch of salt (or salt the rim)
~juice of several limes and limes for rim garnish
***Mix all in a pitcher and pour over ice***
If you don't intend to drink the whole pitcher, don't add the ice to the pitcher and the mix will keep for days in fridge.
Have a great weekend!

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