Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Morning Coffee Talk...

There is something about the morning on Friday....filled with the possibilities that may unfold over the weekend and having another adult around to help out. (husband) I really needed my day away yesterday for play-date fun for the kids and my "therapy session" with my best gal pal. That gives me more hope and motivation for today. You gotta get started early and grab that motivation!

Coffee pots with self-timers on them are genius and I worship the inventor. (however, must have the strength to set it up before you go to sleep and some nights this task is insurmountable!) I had the strength last night and it just starts the day off right! Open eyes. Pour coffee. enough said.

So welcome Friday! Bring it on. The old Friday nights of bars, martinis, appetizers, the occasional dancing or going to watch a band have been replaced with two kids and all things kid-like. Meaning, an early bedtime in most cases. (by me too! hahahah) But I wouldn't have it any other way. The manner in which these children have changed my life is unbelievable. I was waiting for this my whole life and now it is here and I shake off my stay-at-home mom frustrations today and embrace the joy of these two little monkeys.

My life journey thus far has been grand. I couldn't ask for a more wonderful and full life. I bask in that gratitude this morning and give thanks for future changes that include more "me" time as my babies grow up. The woman I have become, the woman I am becoming....I feel the coffee and happiness moving through my veins! There are new jobs, creative endeavors, international travel, and opportunity awaiting, tomorrow, or in a few years.

I share with you my favorite quote of the week...."A good mood is only a workout away." Have a great weekend and give yourself a few minutes to find gratitude before the day whisks you away in the hurried fashion of life that we have grown so accustomed to.

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