Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Happy Hump Day!

Good Morning....on the recommendation of my good friend and fellow writer, I have changed the blog layout for easier reading! Let me know what you think....Since we are all trying to "go green", recycle, compost, garden, etc. I went with the soothing green look. There are not a lot of pre-done layouts on blogspot so until I hire somebody to take care of my kids and I can design my own site (you know, the one I purchased the name for and all that....) blogspot it is!!!!!!!

We had a real live babysitter last night so hubby and I could relax and enjoy a fantastic dinner at Montarra Grill. It's the closest "city" dining experience you can get in the burbs. So thankful it is so close to my house and that we can afford it every once in awhile to celebrate big things in my 38th birthday. Or, I took a shower. Or, I don't feel like cooking and the kids love fine dining. Ha! Just kidding. Red Robin is more like it! We are all about loud and kid-friendly places where they serve food that makes Lauren happy. (a.k.a. "cheese pizza" or "Mac-n-cheese")

I'm off to Sears today to get 4 new tires and an oil change........big shakes, I know. I am relegated to doing all this stuff at the local mall Sears so I can drop off, kill time in the mall, and then pick up the vehicle in a few hours. Egads, the mall. Lauren loves it. I get depressed. Not sure why malls depress me. I guess the whole open air concept has surpassed this mall thing. That, and lots good stores have moved out due to killer rent costs.

So have a great day and even if you aren't going to Sears or the mall (help me!) find a little time for yourself...the kids can suck the life out of you if you aren't careful! Remember that the woman before you had kids still exists inside of yourself. You have just morphed into something REALLY amazing and EVEN MORE incredible now! Enjoy the day!

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