Monday, August 10, 2009

I'm Baaaaaack!

HELLO my fine friends! After a 2 week+ hiatus I'm back and ready to spew forth my funnies and vacation tid-bits....(if you can call two weeks at my mom's house "vacation)

I have survived my 20th class reunion weekend. Three glorious days of rock-star partying. WOW. I still have it in me, but three days of showering and make-up is exhausting! (for those fellow stay-at-home moms, I think you get it! Oh, many days has it been? I need to shower STAT!) Apparently I thought jagermeister was a magic elixir on Friday night and thank goodness my mom had tomato juice in the house for my Saturday and Sunday beer/tomato juice hang-over helper! Being the rock star that I am I decided to "screw the red bull" and get down to brass tacks with plain 'ol jag! nice!

It was amazing to see all my old classmates and friends and it was just good good good overall with a capital G. I found that I was comfortable with myself so many ways. I guess the 10 year is all about proving yourself and the 20th is all about not caring, reconnecting and just having fun. The Class of '89 (Marinette High) is special in that so many of us are still close friends. What a cool experience. We just are who we are and we showed up and had silly fun.

I have so much more to discuss but it's 9:41 pm and I'm watching a really bad movie..."He's just not that into you" and I'm relaxing and happy that my two beautiful babes are in bed sleeping soundly and I need a snack and life is good. What never makes any sense to me is how my frustrations of the day fade away in the evening and my love for life transcends all the minutiae of the day.

To be continued...

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