Sunday, August 23, 2009

Peaceful, like Heaven on a Sunday....

I have been having this overwhelming feeling of love for my little guy for days.  Yes, I love him.  But this is different.  It's this crazy love that you feel so deep deep down inside of yourself that permeates your entire being.  I look at him and just can't believe he's mine....that I gave birth to this amazing creature who is becoming a little person more and more each day. 
I saw some pictures of Lauren from only a year ago and I just couldn't believe she was ever a toddler.  Her legs are so long now and she's so grown up.  It made me realize how truly fast this all goes.  Before I know it she'll be asking to for the car keys or to get dropped off at the mall (the dreaded mall that makes me depressed!)  So I am just acknowledging this feeling every mom has.  This incredible, ridiculous love that makes you feel giddy.  I am thrilled to be a mom today and experience this kind of love.  One that I have never experienced until I became a mom.  Everyone can tell you about this, but until you own it, smell it, feel it, you will never get it! 
What is kinda cool....and I only have two kids....but I get the feeling you could have lots of kids and still feel this way with each individual child.  How cool is that?  Maybe we should ask the Duggart mom of "18 kids and Counting"....WOW!  Now that is crazy good stuff!  Insanity at it's best!
Now the key is to remember this feeling when I want to scream with frustration! 
Happy Sunday all...

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