Friday, August 28, 2009

Second Child Freedoms...

There are so many things I do with my second child that I would have freaked out about with my this.  Putting Evan in the swing at the park.  He has a super strong neck and can sit up well, but he's little and just kinda props himself forward against the swing seat.  He LOVED it.  I probably waited until Lauren was 18 months before I put her in this!  (kidding, but I  don't remember and I may be correct!)
Also, feeding is much different.  Sure, go ahead...gum a cheese stick!  You'll be fine.  Gag a little.  Work it out!  The first time Lauren ate solids I may have watered the cherrios down to see how she would react.  Evan gnawed on a tortilla chip last night and loves anything hard to soothe his teething gums!  There is a reason why second children are different!  Because the parent is different the second time around!  It gives me a whole new set of freedoms I did not have with baby #1.  Case in point:  My sister and I are 17 months apart.  If I started a list of all the age requirements on certain activities or freedoms I experienced and then compared it to her list as the second child...........PLEASE!  So just wait Evan!  Sissy is breaking me in! 

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  1. OMG! How true this is! And by the third pretty much anything goes :) haha!