Friday, August 21, 2009

What started out as a good idea....

Um yeah, I don't like heights. Never really have, but it seems to have gotten worse-and I've gotten much wimpier-with age. In the top photo, I find the cuteness factor of Lauren peeking over the top to be too much! This is the starting poing photo. "Yeah, super fun. Lauren's first Ferris Wheel ride. Let's go! Awesome!" And we stood in line a really long time too. All for me to realize within seconds that I am pretty dog-gone freaked out as we are inching to the top ever so slowly. Lauren was bouncing around in the seat and rocking the bucket....and I was white-knuckled on the bar and reminding myself to breathe and that I won't die, etc.

In the next photo you will see the fear and my death-grip on the bar. I stayed as still as I could and just thinking...."we are almost done." I survived. When I exited the ride my girlfriend said..."Um, what were you thinking? I would never go on that with my kids." Um, yep. Got it. Dad will be doing Ferris Wheel rides from now on!

I remember as a child that my mom never wanted to go on spinney rides, coasters or ferris wheels. She was a by-stander and supporter of all the crazy rides my sister and I wanted to go on. We once nagged her into going on a ride with us (the 'ol tilt-a-whirl I believe) which led to her early dismissal from park back to the car to "lie down and let the sick pass."

Well, it's official. I have become my mother!!!!!!!!!!! ahahhaahhaha I have arrived at that point in life where so much about my parents makes perfect sense to me. All at the ripe 'ol age of 38. wow.

While also at Bay Beach in Green Bay, WI (a fantastic park where all tickets are .25 cents all day that and where I went as a child) my sister overheard someone say (in regard to me) "she looks like Kate Gosselin." Um, yeah....excuse me, but I had this hair LONG before Kate did and mine is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy cuter! : )
Have a great weekend!

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