Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Big Boat Shoe Trade...

I am not a pack-rat.  I am the biggest donater, get-rid-of-it, didn't wear it in the last 3 months-resale it, craigslister seller, purge-and-feel-the-goodness sort of gal around.  I don't keep useless things.  I abide by the philosophy that when you bring something new into the house you must get rid of something that's been in the house for awhile that is not useful.  I mean all this just means I'm really organized and neat and tidy and it's my personal way of living a life of moderately good mental health!!!!!!! 

However, I must admit that I have a pair of shoes in my possession that are well over 20 years old.  I will never wear them in public (until the big debut) and I've moved them from my parent's house, to the dorms at college, to two different college houses, to an Illinois apartment and house, and now this second Illinois house where I currently abide.  I will NEVER get rid of these beauties. 

My best friend Amy and I "traded" shoes in (guessing here) junior year.  Remember when "deck" shoes or what others called "boat" shoes were all the rage?  Well, Amy and I saved our babysitting money, birthday money, begged, borrowed and stealed to get our "deck" shoes of choice.  Mine were the dark brown penny loafers with the classic trademark white sole.  I never did put pennies in the hole.  I adored them.  They were so in fashion and cool and they made me feel cool with a capital C.  Amy got the light tan tie version with the wider white sole and did the fancy knot that enabled you to slip in and out of said shoe without tying or untying. 

Amy moved to Arizona before our Senior year of high school and part of our "hanging onto each other" as best friends was quite possibly the big boat shoe trade.  Well, we just celebrated our twenty year class reunion this past July and this got me thinking about these beloved shoes.  There is just something about keeping something for so long that kinda gets you to the point of ........."well, I can't get rid of them NOW!"  The sole is so worn that you can see the inner makings of the shoe peeking back at you.  All the more reason to LOVE them!

But it goes beyond that.  I have a dream of owning a sailboat someday.  The dream includes the whole "boater lifestyle" of sailing, adventure, socializing, drinking, eating, entertaining on deck, hanging out at marinas, etc.  WELL, you NEED boat shoes if you are going to own a boat!  So, I kid you not, I have kept these boat shoes for the day I step onto the deck of my very own sailboat.  I will be wearing these shoes and realizing the dream.  And Amy will still be with me.  We are still friends today.  We have memories that go beyond these shoes. 

Seeing these shoes in my closet reminds me of the dream.  It reminds me of the dreams I still have for "someday."  Dreams that still ignite the passion deep down in my gut.  Beyond the kids.  Beyond all the day to day.   I will never get rid of these shoes.  These shoes are just some sort of magic to me.  And wouldnt' it be a HOOT if I gave the shoes to Lauren someday?  I told her the whole story and she probably forgot most of it.  I put these shoes on yesterday to take the photo and they just felt good on my feet.  I kept them on for a while and Lauren kept saying........."why do you have those shoes on mom?"  " are you gonna wear those outside the house mom?"  "what's the story again mom?"

The story is that you need to keep dreams alive.  Even if it's just when you see the shoes in the closet.  It's that important.  It's that good.

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  1. Ok has taken me a long time to get to this post, not on purpose. I love that you have posted this! In all my moving, life changing events, etc...I'm so happy that you have carried me with you all this time! I, however, do not have your beloved penny loafers! (hangs head in shame) But I am quite sure that I have 'something' Tushbutt. I will be on the hunt now! LOL

    Love you!