Saturday, September 12, 2009

Okay, last tablecloth rant....I promise!

My Great Aunt had this fabric remnant from her mother and passed the love and goodness onto to me.  My G-Aunt is 78 so can you even imagine how old this is?  And it's in perfect condition.  Again, I must quote Rachel Zoe and say "I DIE."  Maybe I should have been a 1950s housewife or something because these vintage prints make me SO SO happy!  I mean really, check out these images!  My G-Aunts mother worked at a department store and had access to fabric remnants that she would use as tablecloths and runners.  I love this family history and I hope to pass all these on to Lauren.  (If I have anything to say about it she will be obsessed with cool, old family stuff !)  My house is filled with these kind of treasures and it makes for great conversation pieces and fills me with joy. 

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