Thursday, September 24, 2009

Falling into Fall...

The vibe of Fall is in the air.  I can feel it.  I can see some trees changing color in the neighborhood.  On our recent trip to Door County I pointed out to Lauren some of the changing trees and told her to "keep her eyes peeled" for more on the long drive. Now this is all she points out to me wherever we go!

Today she noticed the tree that is most visible from our big windows in the room of our house where we spend 95% of our time.  "Mom, I didn't see it before!  It's changing colors!"  "Mom, the sky looks peach tonight." (oh my heart just melts for you my precious firstborn.  I could eat you up like a honey crisp apple)

Oh how I crave my first honey crisp apple of the Fall.  Orchards, markets, pumpkin patches, harvest fests..Lauren got two baby pumpkins and two gourds at the grocery store this week and it was so exciting for her it was like I was buying her a giant bag of Skittles and not setting a limit on how many she could eat.  "This one is for me and this one is for brother."

Fall is when I feel most alive.  I can begin to switch my wardrobe over to long sleeved tee's and sweaters and jeans and "cover up."  The kids can transition to comfy, cozy pants and corduroys.  (Oh for the love of a 9- month old in brown wide-wale cord BIBS.  PLEASE.)

I made my first kettle of soup and baked brownies and roasted squash and beets. Something about Fall just sets me in motion

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