Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Who knew 2.5 hours could be so darn good?

Okay, remember when I used to just write and write and write WORDS and not post any pictures?  Well, I've realized the picture thing is really fun, easy, and not time consuming at all.  I really love taking pictures and sharing them with you.  However, it's the writing that is supposed to be the core of a blog so I thought I'd get back to the basics here.  
Lauren started preschool today.  This was her second year for preschool, she just started a new school today.  We had open house last Thursday so that was prep day number one.  That event worked out very well in terms of pre-prepping for "going live" today.  I thought for sure she would still cry or act apprehensive because for the first 15 minutes of open house she had to have one hand touching me and one hand touching Dad.  I bribed her with a "treat."  Yes, I did.  She didn't want a toy or anything expensive.  She wanted a lousy $1.75 berry ice cream treat from Costco.  If only the rest of my bribes with her could remain this cheap and easy!  
She unbuckled herself, gave me a kiss, asked me what I would do while she was at school (brother nap, me workout) and took Miss Linda by the hand and didn't look back.  WOW!  This is what I dreamed of.  This is what I wanted so badly last year.  I was so proud of her.  She is growing up.  She is strong, smart, independent and beautiful.  She is still my baby girl.
I cried as I pulled away.  The first of a million times that I will cry because of all this overwhelming joy and love.  Who knew motherhood would be THIS incredible?  Wow.  It never ceases to amaze me.

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  1. Oh Tricia! Lauren looks so cute, especially with her strawberry shortcake back pack!!!!

    xo martine