Sunday, October 4, 2009

Good Karma....

A few months ago I noticed a conversation on Facebook taking place between my friend Heather and her husband's cousin Faith.  Faith is pregnant with her first child and Heather was raving about her favorite baby product of all time, the "Moby Wrap" (  Heather was telling Faith that this product just might save her sanity in those early baby days when you are sleep deprived, crying (you and the baby!) and want nothing more than to have your little one close to you.

Heather visited me last December when Evan was maybe 2 weeks old.  Her gift to me was a Moby wrap.  The wrap was a wonderful thing for Evan and I in those first few weeks as well.  I was breastfeeding and he wanted nothing more to be close to me, my heartbeat and breasts!  Little did I know he was not getting enough breast-milk nourishment after a month and he loved nothing more than to fall into a sleep coma on my chest all wrapped up tight and warm and cozy.

After Evan got a little older I kinda forgot about using the wrap and also didn't feel 100% confident in my wrapping and knotting techniques.  (however, the more you use it, the better you get......Heather was a pro and used the wrap daily for almost a year with her son Andrew)  So when I started reading the conversation between Faith and Heather I thought that Faith should have my wrap and it would be like receiving a gift from Heather and me.  Besides, with baby gear used for such a short period of time it just makes good sense to share the wealth.

So I talked to Heather about getting Faith's address and sent her my lovely sage green moby wrap and instruction manual with a note to pass it on to another mom when she was done using it.  I then sorta forgot about the whole thing until yesterday when I got the mail and didn't recoginize the return address on an envelope, yet is seemed so familiar.  I turned the envelope over to see "I have enclosed a small gift to express my appreciation. Thanks."  Still wondering who this was from, I opened it up to find a lovely baby thank you card with a beautiful butterfly sequined coin purse.

Once I realized who it was from, I thought how funny that Faith doesn't even know me and she sent me the most perfect gift.  One that I would have picked out or bought for myself or Lauren.  I have this "butterfly thing" and so does Lauren.  (well, it's probably more like MY butterfly thing that I've given to her!)  I adore butterflies.  My favorite being the beloved Monarch.  Butterflies have all this symbolism and meaning to me in so many ways.

So how delightful to see this little beaded butterfly beauty!  Lauren immediately went to get her purses to consolidate her money into her new coin purse.  (she just kinda thought it was gonna be her's!)  I just felt like this whole experience of sharing and passing it on, paying it forward, friendship...whatever you want to call it....had made me feel right with the world.  Like everybody can do some small little thing and if you do it with love and do it from the heart it truly will come back around to you again and fill you up with joy.

Thanks to Heather and Faith for "restoring my faith" in the world (no pun intended!) today!  I am also happy to report Faith is having a baby girl in a few weeks and she will be named Clementina Lila.  I will be thinking of her wrapped up snuggly close to her mommy just like Evan was to me and Andrew was to Heather.  Evan is 10 months old now and it's amazing how fast it goes.

Every time I see the little sequined butterfly coin purse it will remind me to enjoy the moment.  Sometimes it is easy to wish away the "un-fun" stuff that comes with parenting (and some days that is A LOT!)  This week for me it was making, getting, feeding and cleaning up FOOD.  My friend Janet said these are called the "messy years" and someday we will be aching for them.

LIFE IS GOOD!  Enjoy a little moment today.  Let the goodness sink inside you....breathe it in.  Inhale the love.

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