Friday, October 23, 2009

The red-headed Pirate meets Blue Man Group...

Nothin' like a good painting craft while wearing a pirate patch!  Um, yeah, this may look cool and I did go get the camera and all to capture the moment for you but the clean up later was not fun and this is not washable paint!  One Halloween shirt ruined and blue paint on my sliding glass door.  Ah, but who am I, a mere MOTHER, to squash her creativity? 
Oh, and I failed to mention that really big awesome wooden ROCKING HORSE that is now hiding in the garage. (please see photo)  I mean, what is a mother to do with a big wooden rocking horse all painted up?  As my friend Kelly said (and she taught me well)  bedtime is the best time to "weed" through all of your child's artwork.  And Kelly said it best when saying, "And a piece of paper with a blob of colored paint on it does not equal art and I'm not keeping it and I don't feel bad!" 
Seriously, she gave me the freedom to not feel bad about tossing the MILLION or so pieces of art that Lauren accumulated in ONE, I repeat, ONE lousy year of pre-school!  I only keep the good stuff now and so I've eliminated....hmmmm, let's see....about a gazillion pieces of paper shoved in a big artist's envelope in the crawl space to someday be discovered by Lauren when she's 25 or something and says "Are you kidding me Mom?  You kept all this?  Why would I want this?"  : )

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