Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Yes my friends, judge me if you will, but you try an almost 11 month old on a plane for pit-near 2 hours and feel the anxiety of an unhappy Evan.  You too may resort to a (gasp) DUM DUM. 

My sister and I have discussed in great length the long list of things our second born children have done, consumed or have been allowed vs. our first borns. 

I myself am relishing in the fact that I am cool and didn't lose it on the plane and got about 15-20 mins of joy from the whole damn plane with this one lousy, measly little dum dum. 

And I also relish with great joy and gratitude at the fact that I had the opportunity to have this second child.  It has opened my eyes to a whole new world.  I have just LET GO of so much stuff that just doesn't matter.  But when you only have one child so much seems like such a big deal.  It is no wonder my sister and I are so different!  : )  (I'm the first born and the golden child thank you very much........just kidding Tracy!)

I would also like to send a shout out into the universe to all the wonderful and helpful people who are understanding and caring when they see a woman traveling solo with 2 kids.  The woman sitting next to me said, "it's harder on you than on them."  A woman got off the plane and as she walked past me as I waited with the kids for my stroller..........."Hey, we've all been there." 

And for the record, the kids were amazing.  Despite some ear pressure issue induced crying, they rocked.  Hey, I don't want to be cooped up for 2 hours on a germ-filled, recycled air cavity either!  I am happy to go on the adventure of air travel.  I always learn a thing or two about myself and how to navigate through it all e a bit easier for the next journey. 

Hey, if brother bro gets one, so do I!

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