Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fun with Gourds....aka "mom's break free" !!!!!!!!

Okay, SEE PEOPLE....this is what happens when stay-at-home mom's don't get out of the house as much as they should.  They break free to Lake Geneva, WI for the weekend, have a few drinks and the next thing you know you are at a bar and find a simple 'ol innocent gourd decoration (with a delightful little smiley face drawn on it....not by us) and we find ourselves delighting in the photo shoot of said gourd and us.  Seriously, it was ridiculous fun and this is just a warning to all other SAHM's (stay-at-home-mom's) out there to BREAK FREE or you two may find yourself in a bar with a glass of wine, girlfriend and a GOURD!!!!!!!!!!!!!  : )

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Where my life began...

Have you ever had this feeling that your life is so changed from your past life and all the crazy stuff you used to do....who you used to be....what you used to wear.....who you used to hang out with....the work you used to do....that you are like "how the hell did I get here?"

I had this similiar feeling all night as I fed the kids, bathed the kids, made dinner, read the bedtime story and did the tuck. 

As I was wiping the cookie sheet pan dry, I thought to myself....."I am not quite sure I could ask for anything more than this."  And what is "THIS" really?

Let me sum it up in like a gazillion words or so, so you really get the full effect..........crying, pouting, tantrums, toys askew, see-thru green "soothies" (binkys), diapers, dry hands from the constant washing and hand sanitizer, tiredness that never goes away, poop diapers, laundry, cooking dinner, cleaning up dinner, loading and unloading the dishwasher, bottles, kisses, hugs, screaming, loving, picking up and dropping off, in and out of carseat, strollers, lots of coffee, paying bills, shopping, groceries, loading and unloading, errands, is all so perfect and perfectly imperfect.  

I may have been born for this job.  I cannot imagine doing anything else.  (RIGHT NOW that is!  I've got dreams, plans and irons in the fire my friends!)  I do this job well.  (oh, sure....there was Monday night when I got the "talk" from husband about the yelling.............the yelling from me....about everything and at anyone...particularly the red headed almost 4-year-old that I live with.....yeah, there was that.  But that was a moment.) And right now I've got two healthy, happy kids asleep after a bath.  There is quite possibly nothing better.

Oh, and yeah..............I'm going away for GIRLS ONLY weekend.  Could THAT the reason for my good mood??  hahahahhahaha

The above picture is when this "next phase" of my life birth to Lauren via C-section 11-17-05.
It is when I experienced love on a whole new level.  One I couldn't possibly have imagined or begin to explain.  There are no words.