Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Peace. Love. Joy. 2010.

A year in  So much amazing stuff has happened this year and I am only the person I am today because of the network of love and support from friends and family.  Let's hit some highlights...

~Um, yeah....I had another C-section last December and gave birth to the (second) light of my life...
Evan Reed Thomas Anderson....boy extraordinare..

~Lauren broke free from the "I'm addicted and attached to my mom" thing...whew!  How nice is it to go out now and leave her with a babysitter and she could care less?  Or she's dying to go to pre-school?

~I've gainfully employed a lovely girl in the neighborhood that I can count on to watch my children.  THIS IS BIG PEOPLE.  I owe my sister Tracy props for her "get a grip and get a sitter to get a life again" speech.

~We survived the depression....we have enough money to pay the bills, send Lauren to pre-school and still shop at Target and take the occassional mini-trip or plane ride to Sissy's house.  I realize how hard and SUCKY it has been for people this year.  I acknowledge my good fortune in so many ways.  I also thank the good  lord for being able to stay at home with the red head and boy extraordinare.  I might be crazier for it, but I know (like, KNOW in the pit of my stomach and heart, I will NEVER regret these precious moments and opportunity)  I can always get another job.  That's what I said when I quit my job 2 weeks after returning from maternity leave. 

~I made a bunch of money selling a bunch of stuff on Craigslist and called it my "business."  I mostly sold all my baby stuff and that is closed!  (moose out front shoulda told you)  No more babies here.  I'm old and need to go to Napa and celebrate being 40 in two more years sans the breast pump.

~I realized that time might heal some of the pain of losing someone but the occassional crying jag will still happen.  It's just life.

~I committed to a great work-out program prior to my 20th Class reunion in July, kicked ass, felt great, fell off the wagon and got back on again.  I feel much more powerful and energetic when I just get off of it and get on it!  I'm currently obsessed with Jillian Michaels Biggest Loser DVD series of RIDIC KICK YOUR ASS work-outs.  30 mins.  in and out. and done. thank you! 

~OH, what else?  I'm ready for bed and love you all!!!!!!!!

May you realize that the life you have RIGHT now is the most perfect life you will ever live!  Resolutions......please!  Life in the moment.....try to do what is right and good....teach your kids to be good human beings and laugh everyday.

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