Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Purpose driven

I've fully decided today that when I have a purpose and reason to get my butt going in the morning the entire day just shakes out better. Lauren has preschool on Tuesday and Thursdays for 2.5 glorious hours. I set the auto brew on the coffee maker the night before, ensuring a full caffeination to and fro school drop off. I am dressed and ready to go in my work-out garb. Evan is sometimes out of his sleeper. My teeth are usually brushed too as I talk to other moms and the teacher and nobody needs a whiff of morning breath! (I have been known to think to myself around 5:00 ish....hmmmmmm, "I don't think I brushed my teeth today!") I race home to Debbie Sieber and her idea of fun..."Slim in 6" (Well, Debbie, you apparently don't have 2 small children, a household that you are head of, dinner to prep, shopping, laundry, errands, etc. So slim in 6 months is more like it!!!!!!!)
After picking Lauren up we do errands and I'm just motivated and feeling so accomplished already and it's only 11:30 am!
Why is it that working out makes us feel so good and yet it's still such a pain (literally!) in the butt?!!!!
So it's left-overs tonight for dinner and a glass of 2006 Ravenswood Merlot Vinter's Blend. You gotta love Super Target where this $10 bottle of wine was on sale for $4.98! (I purchased 4 and thought I should have cleared the shelf upon retrospect today!)
My daughter has "glittered"4 wooden crafts and 2 ceramic cupcakes....and I thought these "Projects" would last for many more rainy days. "But, mom........pleasssssssssssse can I just do one more?" Well, you are being quite quiet as I blog and drink my wine....SURE!
Nothing earthshaking today ; )

Oh, do you realllllllly think they need to re-make Footloose? And with that High School Musical boy no less? Come on! Footloose was a BIG deal in my youth. Let's not ruin it. The classic is all we need!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Bringing Sexy Back

I'm officially on "weekend away" countdown! I have a FULL fledged weekend planned away with some girlfriends. Road trip, hotel, college town! Bring it on! But that also means many things....do I even have any cute clothes in my closet worthy of a "bar" night out? Is my hair cute? (my recent haircut is sketchy) Can I really hang anymore? What do college girls wear/and or look like these days? Will I feel as ancient as when I go to a concert and see tweens enjoying MY music? (I mean pleassssssssssse!) WOW! My girlfriend and I have been discussing in some detail what wrinkle cream we should buy. Hello! When did I get to be almost 40? And who said it was a good idea to "live life" and then have kids? I look at my 4 month old and think..."I'm your mom?" wowowow! It doesn't seem possible!!! (for the record 2 more years to 40 and I've got a FAB girls trip to Napa planned. enough said.)

And then there is the other side of things....the house will quite possibly be trashed when I return home on Sunday. (This is what my husband asked me last night........"So how much of my weekend is going to be non-productive?" Um, every last bit of it babe. Get over it. Man up.) And really, I'm leaving my most precious creatures with him....to feed, bathe, clothe, etc. (Who am I kidding, the kids will NOT be bathed and their outfits will not match and my son will most likely NOT get his cereal and fruit/veggies twice a day.) Kinda scary!!!!!!! But as my girlfriend said today, over our ump-teenth conversation about this weekend, "You care, but REALLY, you get a weekend away so you kinda don't care?!!! Yes, Yes and Yes.

I gotta let it go and let Dad do his thing. One thing I know for sure is that no harm (that I will be privy to) will come to my kidlets. They will have their own sort of fun and schedule with him. I'll return refreshed and revitalized...hahahaha More like hung-over, exhausted and dog-gone happy to return to this thing we call being a "stay-at-home-mom!"

Have a wonderful week!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

You're gonna miss this...

Okay, so I guess when I tell my 3.5 year old daughter to "Focus" or "stay on task" I should take note of my own words! I just realized that my shirt is inside out. How long has it been inside out? Well, my guess is that when I left the dressing room at Banana Republic Outlet I quickly dressed and put it on backwards! Evan (4 month old son) had wet diaper seepage and when I looked down at my shirt I had to laugh at myself! We are so busy that we sometimes fail to see the obvious!

Prior to Lauren's nap she wanted a project and I nipped the painting by playing a game with her. No, in reality I do not want to play a game. I want to sweep the floor, get the dishwasher going and throw in a load of laundry. She set up Hello Kitty Memory by herself and I played a few rounds before I thought I could sneak off and she wouldn't notice, as she was pretty much cheating and getting excited by her four or more attempts at matching HK and friends.

Well, I must say that when I actually decided the rest of the stuff was less important and "focused" on the game, it was delightful. She had on a rashguard shirt and matching floppy hat that I had just got her on my 1.5 hour get-a-way. (big whoop...but I take what I can get! Hence, the Banana Republic dressing room!) She was just so stinkin' cute with her little belly sticking out of the shirt and was just giddy with delight when she would (without cheating!) make a match.

It seems hard to believe that one day she will want to be with her friends more than me. That she will beg for the car keys or a ride to the mall. Even more crazy will be the day she leaves for college and has a boyfriend...but I am getting ahead of myself here. There is prom, I mean kindergarten first! I hope all of you mom's out there can take a couple of minutes to relish in this thing we call motherhood today. My son's baby fat is deliciously rolly and smells of baby powder. Lauren is the light in my heart. It's hard to remember all this when there is so much "stuff" to get done. But I know in just the blink of an eye these precious moments will be just memories as we move onto to the next phase of our lives. And I really don't want to miss this! These are all the reasons I wanted to stay at home and not be at the office wondering what the nanny or daycare lady is witnessing. Thank goodness I can!

Have a great day and remember to "Focus" (on the good stuff!) : )

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cuz I never.....knew love like this before....

WOW! So busy today that this might be my first "sit-down" all day....As I was driving away from pre-school after picking up my daughter, the song "Never knew love like this before" by Stephanie Mills came on the radio. (old school R&B artist) When I was pregnant with Lauren (she's my red-headed 3.5 year old) a girlfriend of mine said that after giving birth I will relate to "love songs" in a different way and will think of my children vs. men. Well she was right! Music has such an amazing impact in my life. If you are like me, it started way back in the day with some sappy love songs as you pined away for the 7th grade hottie. (the groups Chicago and REO Speedwagon coming to mind....wow, am I getting old or what?) After you have children (this one was from my mom) it's like you are walking around with a gaping wound...your heart! All this ridiculous love and emotion (forgive me....I'm only 4 months post-birth from my 4 month old who cries as I write this and hello, can I get interrupted ONE more time while doing this???) So what was I trying to get at here? Music....what was the connection? That happens 10 times a day...."I know I had a relevant, intelligent point here, but....................AND..........it's gone!!!!!!!!!!!!" So maybe I should just tell you about the awesome dinner I have prepared instead since I cannot remember the music thing I was going to write about?? hahahahha
(dinner recipe: food network magazine Feb/March 2009 issue, pg. 101, Slow Cooker Pork Tacos. However, it was so much better than the title. I took the time to make the pork marinade with ancho chiles and used all the "upgrade" taco toppings including jicama and mango. DELISH. I usually don't like eating what I cook, just enjoy the process and feeding others, but I am eating a second one right now!)

Thanks to all my terrific friends for their support as I begin the blog journey! I couldn't do it without you! Writing again fulfills a space in me that helps me feel a little more sane...a little more connected to my true self. : ) I'm a mother who today thought it was pretty darn cool that Lauren discovered multiple "ant houses" under rocks in the landscaping and was super excited to share it with me. ......"and I never knew love like this before".........................

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day 2009...a.k.a. Double Stroller Hell!

So a double stroller is HEAVY! Let's hope I burned more calories and shrunk my post-baby saddle-bags a bit more because of it! Two kids and this big-ass stroller...how did I get here? It's amazing! I walked from my house all the way to our library with a pit-stop in-between at the park. I pointed out lots of earthy things for my daughter. A bunch of floating dead earthworms seemed pretty cool.

In a recent attempt to "reclaim" a tiny pit of myself again I have been working out. (Slim in 6 baby....3x per week goal....get real Debbie Sieber) Starting this blog not only helps with the reclamation thing, but quiets my ever-advice-ful husband. "Look, I got 6 years to figure my "stuff" out before the youngest goes to kindergarten" I tell him. Goal: Never to return to an office again. Being a stay-at-home mom is blissful and boring all at the same time. Even from my O.C.D. self, some days cleaning just doesn't cut it! I run a tight-ship but some nights that glass of wine calls to me and gives me a big warm hug!

So this first post is just that.....a first post. Gettin' my feet wet again with the writing. "Don't think about it so much...just get something down and the rest will come!" (I was a journalism major in college so my professor's words come back to me right now) I feel the words, thoughts, ideas, concerns, etc. bubbling around inside my head....knocking between the constant "mommy requests" from my red-headed 3.5 year old. So come along with me on this journey. I have lots of stuff up my sleeve and this seems easier than a journal for each kid! : )
See you tomorrow....and look, in this economy this writing thing is cheaper than therapy!