Friday, June 26, 2009

Freaky Friday...

I have so many weird feelings floating around. Post-vacation almost a week now, so I need to get over that. We are back into our routine. Spanish class on Monday, office on Wednesday, eye doctor today, and all these "Hollywood" deaths....weird. I am watching some sort of Farrah documentary and it's just sad. At the end of the day, when somebody dies at a young age it's sad, but once you become a mother and another mother dies and you see the grieving before and after it just hits home. I cannot even fathom something happening to my children, yet alone knowing that I would go before them and journey through that space and time to death.

I remember watching Charlie's Angels with my sister on the living room floor with our sleeping bags laid out and our T.V. trays with "pop" in our Tupperware non-spill cups and a snack of popcorn or Doritos. (all these reserved for "special nights", mostly Fridays). That hair! Those girls and the adventures! I just longed to be as cool.

And Michael Jackson, well, he was yet another childhood icon. He shaped my middle school dances. I will admit to wearing parachute pants (they were my sister's) with a black and white tiger striped "bandanna" around my neck with my MJ pin that I purchased at Coach House Gifts. (in the Pine Tree Mall in it's glory days for those of you hometown blog followers!) NO LIE. I thought I was pretty C.O.O.L. OMG. To think! I cannot wait to discuss all this with my daughter when she finds these photos.

MJ was the guy the guy that I adored liked. (did you follow that?) At middle school dances he would bring his own sparkle glove and dance the moonwalk to one of the popular MJ songs of the time while the girls would swoon on the sidelines. Oh, to call that boy your "boyfriend"!!!!! (which I never did)

I also remember being at said cool-guy house with a bunch of other classmates (why or how I was there is unclear but I was dying at the coolness factor) and his mother brought home the latest VHS tape release from the video store..........the THRILLER video and making of. WOW. I thought I had died and gone to cool-kid Heaven!!

And then there's Ed McMahon. I don't know much about him but know that I have a grandmother his same age so that just scares me. No matter how prepared you think you are for death, (at any age) it is a blow. I just know Ed was another icon.

I know the world is saddened by all these losses. And the break-up of the Jon and Kate Gosselin marriage.....................NOT! OMG. Stop already people! Just kidding on that note. The reality stuff is just overload sometimes.

On a better "reality" T.V. note, I am obsessed with "Tori and Dean" (Tori Spelling) and have in my hot little hands Tori's latest book, "MommyWood." I loved sToriTelling, her first book.

Thankfully I don't have access to US Magazine very often or imagine my blog posts? Oh, wait...this is about my life right?????!!!!! : )

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Post-Vacation Blues Baby...

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaack! Suffering from post-vacation blues, yet I have returned! I survived the North woods with a bunch of kids and friends and if it is possible, I might love the friends even more. Now who can say that after an experience traveling with 4 kids under the age of 9? (and mine are the young irritating ones!)

So I have learned many a thing on this trip....let me share!

-separate siblings (especially on the drive)
-drive 10 hours to destination without spouse (girls have way more stuff to talk about)
-travel with friends who parent the same way you do (and drink the same way you do! HA!)
-separate all the kids every once in a while
-always start a 500 piece puzzle by finding all the edge pieces
-bloody Mary bars rule (even if you just partake of all the pickled goodies!)
-sharing food makes it taste even better
-the baby Einstein exer-saucer was golden
-force the children to wear a life-jacket if they are anywhere near the water
-one can never really put enough bug spray or sunscreen on
-laundry multiples like rabbits on vacation
-good friends are priceless
-politics and religion debates have no place on vacation
-Will Ferrell acting as Alex Trebeck SNL skit jokes never get old...."Your Motha Trebeck..."
-Cold beer in the afternoon at restaurants in Thunder Bay, Ontario make the trip to Fort William waaaaaay more fun (that and the constant Alex Trebeck jokes)
-Bailey's in coffee can start the day off with a bang
-no, I am not an alcoholic

"We're making memories here people!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Remember the Great Aunt I talked about who taught me to clean my house before going on vacation? She also taught me to have a vacation (even a mini one) planned soon after ending the one you just finished to lessen post-vacation blues. OMG. Always listen to Great Aunts! I would not be suffering right now if I had something on the calendar.

So back to reality and lots of other good stuff as I melt in the sudden blast of summer heat. YUCK!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Rockin' out the Road Trip...

Okay, I'm so over it already! Let's go! I'm tired of looking at the packing I've already done, re-organizing what I have packed, and procrastinating! Let's go! Let's get in the car and drive to Verona, WI where our friends are anxiously awaiting our arrival with drinks in hand! We will then proceed to stay up too late and have to get up way too early to drive ALL day. Did I mention, DRIVE. ALL. DAY? Whew!

Did I mention the drive ALL day to Grand Marias, MN will include my infant son (6 mos) and my red-devil daughter (3.5 years) and Cleo (soon to be 5) and T.J. (8) ???? We really need to be medicated. (Well, we aren't all in one car to be fair!) However, my intense packing and shopping and organizing has really led to.....the most fixings one can possibly cram into an award-winning bloody Mary. I realized today my meticulous O.C.D. will lead to really kick-ass bloodies! We are calling it the "blood Mary bar" with all our fixings. And yes, some mornings may start with one. Hell, some days of this trip we will just coast from morning bloodies to afternoon delights and into cocktail hour.

Please lord, no sicknesses, puking or fevers. I have a zip lock bag filled with remedies, pills, chips, dips and assorted liquids in all colors for any given need. But since we will be a long long way to the nearest E.R. let this "bag 'o tricks" do the trick!

The red-devil is napping and the husband working. I'm finishing up on last-minute packing and what-not. (Figuring out how to dismantle the "baby Einstein saucer" so we can bring it with, as this is my son's LIFE. And, our salvation on the trip)

Thank goodness we are traveling to the land of no-where-ville and I need only bring sweats, hooded sweatshirts and long-sleeved t-shirts. (My favorite Obama long sleeve is sooooo packed to irritate the Dad of above-mentioned kids. He is a hard-core Republican even when it's so not cool to be one anymore. hahahahah My shirt should cause a ruckus and that is what I like to do)
I will most-likely not have a lick of make-up on or look remotely cute the entire trip. How can that not be a great trip? COOL! Love it! No pressure to have "out-fits" with or coordinated accessories. Amen, I can relax for real in the north woods of Minnesota!!!!!!

So I'll see you in a week or so! I'm ready to be a cool mom that doesn't care if the kids are dirty, dressed lame or head-to-toe sun blocked and bug-sprayed. (the drinking helps all this!) I will come back with great stories to share. We are making memories here people! That's what life is all about....great stories to tell the grandchildren! hahahaha

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Random Thoughts....I should be in bed

Maybe it takes 6 months before the high exhaustion factor of having two kids really kicks in or maybe they are sucking the life out of me and I'm getting weak...either way, I'm really really tired tonight. It's been non-stop all day. I am up at 11:21 pm just to have a little time to myself and watch some reality trash T.V.

My beloved husband is gone again for work....I just gotta adapt to this schedule. I ultimately can't complain because I get to stay home with the beloved babes and not schlep them around to daycare and god bless all you incredible working moms. It almost killed me to bring Lauren to daycare and return to work.......hence, it lasted all of two weeks before I put my two week notice in. The rest is history as it unfolds blog by blog!

There a few things in life that a woman needs...any woman, however, I'd lean toward a stay-at-home mom needing them more : )

-some time alone without kids....I'm really really lacking in this department and I consider myself lame when last night I was almost glad to go get a blood test as this meant "alone time." OMG...someone help me! I have made a commitment to work on the whole babysitter thing when we return from vacation. I would like a smidgen of a life again.

-some good wine. I splurged on a bottle of Kendall Jackson chardonnay for $10.99 (okay, not a big splurge, but I usually buy the econo size bottles for best value...and I'm not talking "jugs o wine" either, just the good name brands in larger size. However, upon tasting a nice small bottle of $11's divine!

-a good haircut and color. My haircut tonight was exactly what the doctor ordered! It makes you feel worthy, attractive and stylish. Oh, and bonus....more alone time : )

-a manicure, pedicure, massage or facial. I am needing one or all soon.

-a good babysitter. (sweet baby Jesus help me)

-some awesome girlfriends. Amen to all of mine. I couldn't do it without you. Mom and sister included here. How great is that?

-dinner out. We all need a break. I love it when my sister says "Kitchen Closed." Agreed!

-SLEEP. Enough said. Good night!

(list in progress......)

Monday, June 8, 2009

T-Minus 4 days and counting....

The countdown to our first official family vacation with two kids has begun! I'm in full "running on all cylinders" mode. In my past life when I wore high heels and cute clothes to work everyday (and reapplied my lipstick after lunch) I would operate at a high level the entire work week. My piles and files would disappear. My call-back list would be done. I was highly motivated and happy knowing in a few days I would be "outta here." I guess the point would be to feel something or other inside to motivate you to do this all the time and not just "week leading to vacation." However, I'll take what I can get!

I'm a self-admitted O.C.D. organized, neat/clean freak so I find myself doing things prior to vacation like making everything really nice and clean and organized so when I return from vacation I can skate for a few days and just deal with general overall "vacation is over let-down" and laundry from the trip. So anything that can be washed in this house today was washed! Bedding, blankets, kids cuddle blankets, afghans, changing table covers, cradle sheets, crib sheets, bed sheets........Wooooo! I admit this is a little crazy. However, it makes me secretly happy on vacation.

I am even scheduling in some time for full floor cleaning (yuck, dreaded task) so when I walk in the door from vacation I can see the gleaming, shiny clean hardwood. Look, these sorts of tasks were learned at a young age. My Great Aunt Ruth taught me to get your house in proper order before you depart for vacation and it's like a gift you give yourself upon return. I have some sort of genetic disposition for running a tight ship. It's why motherhood possibly came easy for me. Now, the "stay-at-home" part may get old, but I question if I could adapt to a cleaning lady. HA! Just kidding. Once the book deal comes through that is first on the list my friends! I might be good at it, but I'm willing to give it up!

So I've got lists made and errands to run and bags to pack. Next week at this time I'll be drink in hand with friends and kids a long long way from here enjoying every second of it. I'll be in the middle of no-where so I'm not sure if that is any different from my mom's house! Posts may be few and far between but possible.

My blogging research continues and I'm reading a great book. This is the woman who makes $40,000 a month in advertising on her "most popular website" on the internet. "It Sucked and then I Cried" How I had a baby, a breakdown and a much needed Heather B. Armstrong, creator of Thank god I have perfect angel baby children and did not indeed have to have a breakdown post-partum!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I heart glasses and my kids

Okay, I was expecting this but I'm pissed. My daughter just stepped on her glasses and one of the lenses popped out. This is AFTER I have made a trip to the eye doctor twice for adjustments and once on the trip to my mom's house. This is AFTER one of the arms has been replaced. Dear lord, she hasn't even had the suckers for a month yet......I know, I know, she's 3 and 1/2, she's a little girl, she's doing her best, etc. But again may I say once again that this is yet another thing for me to deal with while my loving husband is on a business trip.

And what's so bad about that business trip? Oh, gee....not sure. He's out to dinner with a client tonight eating food that someone is serving him and probably having a drink and having adult conversations. I am eating a Lean Cuisine. Yes, that's right. He is sleeping in a hotel room with no interruptions from the baby needing his binky put back in his mouth, the stupid cat crying or the air compressor filling up at 4:00 am thanks in part to him not shutting it off. Thanks honey.

Oh, and I didn't mention that the reason she stepped on her glasses was because she sat them down on the ground near her feet (wearing light-up Ariel mermaid shoes no less) and was digging through her costume boxes for more stuff to put on. (She's wearing a pink Barbie dress and while ditching the glasses for purple Sponge Bob sunglasses the inevitable happens......) I gave her a million tutorials on how to set them down and where to set them down to avoid this. Okay, get over it now....she's little. But I have high expectations for her and this could be a good thing to prepare her for real life or lead her to therapy. I guess we'll see how it all turns out.

She then started to cry (knowing my look of mom anger at it's highest) and ran up to her room. I did not follow her, poured a glass of wine, heated my Lean Cuisine and tried to let it go. She came down a few minutes later and said, "I'm really sorry I broke my glasses mom."

This mom world is crazy. Heart-breaking love like you've never experienced and so many frustrations you are like...."You're kidding me right????"

Our family vacation begins next Friday. However, that means even more work for me to prep. And it also means priceless memories for us. I can't wait!

And lastly, my precious little butter ball of a son ate 2 whole real Cheerios today and then some "puffs" while shopping at Target tonight. I cannot believe he's 6 months old. I swear we just brought him home from the hospital and he barely fit in a newborn sleeper. He has white hair that sticks up on top. His big blue eyes look at me with utter adoration. When I hear him giggle you might as well rip my heart out and step on it. I could just burst with love for him and his sister.

I have never been so stupidly happy to have such a thankless job......right now. Because I know how much I thank my mom for all she did for me while growing up. I know I'm raising them to do just that.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

T's Tuesday Thoughts

I have been on a blogging research blitz. I am now subscribing to so many "mommy" blogs I am having breastfeeding flashbacks and pregnancy sympathy pains for all these unknown women....ha! (the breastfeeding topic needs it's own post....the sheer agony, delight, guilt and hell of it all!)

So I find that lots of these blogs give you a glossy, high design, editorial type photo and a tiny little blurb of writing. Hmmmmmm.....interesting. I have "blogging for dummies" on hold at the library. We'll see what they say about that! One woman in particular (above mentioned photo and tiny blurb of actual writing) was on Oprah and rakes in $40,000 per month for running ads on her site. Her husband quit his day job to help with her endeavors. Why I chose to tell my husband this is beyond me because it's all I hear about now!

So I'm gonna try this in the future. My intention for this blog was not just to blog about mommy stuff, but give recipes, organizing tips, helpful hints, a thought for the day, poetry, etc. So stay tuned but continue to count on me for the down and dirty writing. This is a platform for my book afterall. (hence, the "if you build it they will come" and "speak it into existence")

Notice how I begin every sentence with "so"? What would my journalism profs say? So, my husband is gone again on biz trip number 500 of the year (kidding) and I'm out of wine. WOW. Daughter upstairs napping, son swinging and finding his feet with giddy delight. Me...couch, lap-tap and DVRed shows.

Now what to do about more wine.....