Monday, August 31, 2009

Sleestacks part Deaux

For those of you trying to remember what the heck a "Sleestack" looked you go!  And for those of you wondering what the heck I'm talking about, please see post from Thursday entitled "Land of the Lost"  : )

Budding photographers?

Lauren and her cousin Annika "got" the camera (and my "got" I mean that they didn't really ask) and took pictures of each other.  Lauren loves taking picutres but I have to remind her it is not a toy.  When I saw these pics while going through my camera I had to smile!

Simple Joys

How can a little 'ol TJ Maxx tablecloth make me so happy?  I got this one for around $8 on clearance with a lovely little "Made in France" label.  I love the way the stripes look  and how the circle in the middle completes the whole package.  It really is the little things in life! 

One last Glorious Burst of Summer....

My fledgling little hydrangea bush finally decided to give me some love.  I noticed this on Sunday and it was a delightful surprise!  Remember, it's the little things in life! 

Friday, August 28, 2009

Check this site out!   I found this website while I was searching for a cool "mom" necklace.  The site is described as "a place to buy and sell all things handmade..."  Okay, I fell instantly in love.  I want to spend hours pouring over all these artists creations.  Well, really I want to become one of these artists.  So for my birthday I ordered myself this little gem from JLCreations.
This is the link to the necklace I purchased and you can check out all her other cool items.  The artist was even cool enough to exchange the 16" chain to an 18" for me with not so much as a hesitation.  Below is a picture of my necklace....albeit difficult to photograph the actual goodness.  You can get different stamps put on the smallest circle.  I chose a bird, but you can get a heart or a flower, etc. 

Land of the Lost...

Yesterday we went to the library to escape being stuck inside the house for yet another day with all the rain this week.  Lauren found old "Land of the Lost" episodes on DVD.  I was delighted!  It's been forever since I saw any episodes and I have fond memories of Saturday mornings spent with SLEESTACKS.

Well, this morning she painted and this is what she came up with....Please note this is the first time ever that I could make out what she was painting or drawing.  SUPER COOL!  I was like, "Lauren, you painted some monsters!"  Um, yeah.........I think they may be SLEESTACKS! 

But then she threw this one in and said "do you like my catepillar mom?"  SO COOL!  : )  Kids artwork rocks!

Second Child Freedoms...

There are so many things I do with my second child that I would have freaked out about with my this.  Putting Evan in the swing at the park.  He has a super strong neck and can sit up well, but he's little and just kinda props himself forward against the swing seat.  He LOVED it.  I probably waited until Lauren was 18 months before I put her in this!  (kidding, but I  don't remember and I may be correct!)
Also, feeding is much different.  Sure, go ahead...gum a cheese stick!  You'll be fine.  Gag a little.  Work it out!  The first time Lauren ate solids I may have watered the cherrios down to see how she would react.  Evan gnawed on a tortilla chip last night and loves anything hard to soothe his teething gums!  There is a reason why second children are different!  Because the parent is different the second time around!  It gives me a whole new set of freedoms I did not have with baby #1.  Case in point:  My sister and I are 17 months apart.  If I started a list of all the age requirements on certain activities or freedoms I experienced and then compared it to her list as the second child...........PLEASE!  So just wait Evan!  Sissy is breaking me in! 

Beergaritas...try them tonight!

I'm simply passing the goodness of this drink on to all of you.  I am not a tequila (as my BF likes to "to kill ya") drinker.  I don't really go outside the realm of wine, vodka and the occassional beer.  (okay, those multiple shots of Jager during reunion weekend were just exceptions to my rules!  Ha!)  However, this recipe seemed delight.  I am here to say it was! 
You will impress your guests and it's easy...ENJOY!
~1 can of frozen concentrate Limeaid (do not add water)
~1 cup of tequila
~2 beers (corona or any other light in color beer will do)
~big pinch of salt (or salt the rim)
~juice of several limes and limes for rim garnish
***Mix all in a pitcher and pour over ice***
If you don't intend to drink the whole pitcher, don't add the ice to the pitcher and the mix will keep for days in fridge.
Have a great weekend!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Peaceful, like Heaven on a Sunday....

I have been having this overwhelming feeling of love for my little guy for days.  Yes, I love him.  But this is different.  It's this crazy love that you feel so deep deep down inside of yourself that permeates your entire being.  I look at him and just can't believe he's mine....that I gave birth to this amazing creature who is becoming a little person more and more each day. 
I saw some pictures of Lauren from only a year ago and I just couldn't believe she was ever a toddler.  Her legs are so long now and she's so grown up.  It made me realize how truly fast this all goes.  Before I know it she'll be asking to for the car keys or to get dropped off at the mall (the dreaded mall that makes me depressed!)  So I am just acknowledging this feeling every mom has.  This incredible, ridiculous love that makes you feel giddy.  I am thrilled to be a mom today and experience this kind of love.  One that I have never experienced until I became a mom.  Everyone can tell you about this, but until you own it, smell it, feel it, you will never get it! 
What is kinda cool....and I only have two kids....but I get the feeling you could have lots of kids and still feel this way with each individual child.  How cool is that?  Maybe we should ask the Duggart mom of "18 kids and Counting"....WOW!  Now that is crazy good stuff!  Insanity at it's best!
Now the key is to remember this feeling when I want to scream with frustration! 
Happy Sunday all...

Friday, August 21, 2009

What started out as a good idea....

Um yeah, I don't like heights. Never really have, but it seems to have gotten worse-and I've gotten much wimpier-with age. In the top photo, I find the cuteness factor of Lauren peeking over the top to be too much! This is the starting poing photo. "Yeah, super fun. Lauren's first Ferris Wheel ride. Let's go! Awesome!" And we stood in line a really long time too. All for me to realize within seconds that I am pretty dog-gone freaked out as we are inching to the top ever so slowly. Lauren was bouncing around in the seat and rocking the bucket....and I was white-knuckled on the bar and reminding myself to breathe and that I won't die, etc.

In the next photo you will see the fear and my death-grip on the bar. I stayed as still as I could and just thinking...."we are almost done." I survived. When I exited the ride my girlfriend said..."Um, what were you thinking? I would never go on that with my kids." Um, yep. Got it. Dad will be doing Ferris Wheel rides from now on!

I remember as a child that my mom never wanted to go on spinney rides, coasters or ferris wheels. She was a by-stander and supporter of all the crazy rides my sister and I wanted to go on. We once nagged her into going on a ride with us (the 'ol tilt-a-whirl I believe) which led to her early dismissal from park back to the car to "lie down and let the sick pass."

Well, it's official. I have become my mother!!!!!!!!!!! ahahhaahhaha I have arrived at that point in life where so much about my parents makes perfect sense to me. All at the ripe 'ol age of 38. wow.

While also at Bay Beach in Green Bay, WI (a fantastic park where all tickets are .25 cents all day that and where I went as a child) my sister overheard someone say (in regard to me) "she looks like Kate Gosselin." Um, yeah....excuse me, but I had this hair LONG before Kate did and mine is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy cuter! : )
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Happy Hump Day!

Good Morning....on the recommendation of my good friend and fellow writer, I have changed the blog layout for easier reading! Let me know what you think....Since we are all trying to "go green", recycle, compost, garden, etc. I went with the soothing green look. There are not a lot of pre-done layouts on blogspot so until I hire somebody to take care of my kids and I can design my own site (you know, the one I purchased the name for and all that....) blogspot it is!!!!!!!

We had a real live babysitter last night so hubby and I could relax and enjoy a fantastic dinner at Montarra Grill. It's the closest "city" dining experience you can get in the burbs. So thankful it is so close to my house and that we can afford it every once in awhile to celebrate big things in my 38th birthday. Or, I took a shower. Or, I don't feel like cooking and the kids love fine dining. Ha! Just kidding. Red Robin is more like it! We are all about loud and kid-friendly places where they serve food that makes Lauren happy. (a.k.a. "cheese pizza" or "Mac-n-cheese")

I'm off to Sears today to get 4 new tires and an oil change........big shakes, I know. I am relegated to doing all this stuff at the local mall Sears so I can drop off, kill time in the mall, and then pick up the vehicle in a few hours. Egads, the mall. Lauren loves it. I get depressed. Not sure why malls depress me. I guess the whole open air concept has surpassed this mall thing. That, and lots good stores have moved out due to killer rent costs.

So have a great day and even if you aren't going to Sears or the mall (help me!) find a little time for yourself...the kids can suck the life out of you if you aren't careful! Remember that the woman before you had kids still exists inside of yourself. You have just morphed into something REALLY amazing and EVEN MORE incredible now! Enjoy the day!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Morning Coffee Talk...

There is something about the morning on Friday....filled with the possibilities that may unfold over the weekend and having another adult around to help out. (husband) I really needed my day away yesterday for play-date fun for the kids and my "therapy session" with my best gal pal. That gives me more hope and motivation for today. You gotta get started early and grab that motivation!

Coffee pots with self-timers on them are genius and I worship the inventor. (however, must have the strength to set it up before you go to sleep and some nights this task is insurmountable!) I had the strength last night and it just starts the day off right! Open eyes. Pour coffee. enough said.

So welcome Friday! Bring it on. The old Friday nights of bars, martinis, appetizers, the occasional dancing or going to watch a band have been replaced with two kids and all things kid-like. Meaning, an early bedtime in most cases. (by me too! hahahah) But I wouldn't have it any other way. The manner in which these children have changed my life is unbelievable. I was waiting for this my whole life and now it is here and I shake off my stay-at-home mom frustrations today and embrace the joy of these two little monkeys.

My life journey thus far has been grand. I couldn't ask for a more wonderful and full life. I bask in that gratitude this morning and give thanks for future changes that include more "me" time as my babies grow up. The woman I have become, the woman I am becoming....I feel the coffee and happiness moving through my veins! There are new jobs, creative endeavors, international travel, and opportunity awaiting, tomorrow, or in a few years.

I share with you my favorite quote of the week...."A good mood is only a workout away." Have a great weekend and give yourself a few minutes to find gratitude before the day whisks you away in the hurried fashion of life that we have grown so accustomed to.

Monday, August 10, 2009

I'm Baaaaaack!

HELLO my fine friends! After a 2 week+ hiatus I'm back and ready to spew forth my funnies and vacation tid-bits....(if you can call two weeks at my mom's house "vacation)

I have survived my 20th class reunion weekend. Three glorious days of rock-star partying. WOW. I still have it in me, but three days of showering and make-up is exhausting! (for those fellow stay-at-home moms, I think you get it! Oh, many days has it been? I need to shower STAT!) Apparently I thought jagermeister was a magic elixir on Friday night and thank goodness my mom had tomato juice in the house for my Saturday and Sunday beer/tomato juice hang-over helper! Being the rock star that I am I decided to "screw the red bull" and get down to brass tacks with plain 'ol jag! nice!

It was amazing to see all my old classmates and friends and it was just good good good overall with a capital G. I found that I was comfortable with myself so many ways. I guess the 10 year is all about proving yourself and the 20th is all about not caring, reconnecting and just having fun. The Class of '89 (Marinette High) is special in that so many of us are still close friends. What a cool experience. We just are who we are and we showed up and had silly fun.

I have so much more to discuss but it's 9:41 pm and I'm watching a really bad movie..."He's just not that into you" and I'm relaxing and happy that my two beautiful babes are in bed sleeping soundly and I need a snack and life is good. What never makes any sense to me is how my frustrations of the day fade away in the evening and my love for life transcends all the minutiae of the day.

To be continued...