Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sisterly Love meets Thursday Thoughts...

While I was chatting with my sister today she said something in regard to "putting it out there in the universe."  So cool.  So true.  We are running the Rock and Roll 1/2 Marathon in August this year with some friends.  It costs $85 to register and I was like, is the medal going to be gold?  Why does it cost that much, etc.  When really I would think nothing of a good night out for dinner and drinks and spending that and more counting babysitter fees!  So she said that registering now, in cold, damp, dark and dank January puts it out there to the universe that indeed, in 7 months or so when the heat is beating down on my brow, I will be running a half marathon.

Hmmmm, and I thought I was the enlightened, older sister!  Thanks Sissy K.  WHAT CAN YOU PUT OUT TO THE UNIVERSE RIGHT NOW?  My girl Oprah always says that the universe can dream a bigger dream for you than you can for yourself.  Well, it's true and I intend to push myself out of my box.  It's just something that so easily happens.  Ground hog day everyday.  I get so tired with the routine, yet it is what makes life rather comfortable at times. 

January always brings these thoughts to the surface.  And then there is the whole Haiti thing.  I just want to take all those orphans and feed them and love them and protect them.  As my two babes sleep soundly right now with full bellies and good health, I send enormous love and thanks and goodness into the universe.  May it land like warm raindrops on those in need.

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