Monday, January 25, 2010

So OVER January!

So after the holidays I tend to have some issues.  Fun over....bordem insue.  However, I've been armed with my girl Jillian Michaels so the "stay at home mom" depression after the fun, busy holiday times has been held at bay.  The Biggest Loser Workout series had me at "better body in six weeks."  Working out has given me a new lease on life and shakes away the morning blues.  This all goes out the window if I don't work out in the morning!

I have several things happening here:  baby boy teething and semi-cold.  snot fest.  red head has semi-cold.  snot fest.  I'm SUPER DUPER sick of prepping meals for said baby boy and red head.  Seriously?  who knew feeding a one and four year old could be so challengening.  I'm so over it. 

Also, I really am just sick of preparing food in general.  Going to the grocery store, lugging. hauling, unloading.  GOSH!  And then I have this big fat cookbook in front of my face called "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" with the voice of Julia Child in my ear telling me that since I don't have a servant (it's 2010 now my friend!) then I should totally embrace this. Yeah, right.  I can't blame anyone since I bought if for myself. 

Two recipes down.  Boeuf Bourguignon which I wasn't impressed with considering the preparation.  I am addicted to big, bold flavors and I was like.............."I did all  that prep and this is what I got?"  And tonight....a fantastic method for getting that crust on a tenderloin and a sauce to die for.  I took the liberty of adding blue cheese crumbles and mixing the red wine, vermouth and beef stock instead of just using one in the sauce.  So there Julia.  I Rachel Ray'ed your recipe and feel much better about my outcome.  In fact, my hubby and I were dying at the goodness.  I guess anything with that much butter has got to be good!!!!!!!!!!!

But really, I wanted to toss the kids and cookbook out the window and run away to my past life of going out for drinks afterwork and having no real responsibility now that I know what that word means.

And then my red head says to my baby boy after the bath...."It's okay buddy....nice boy.  Do you want a binky little man?  I love you brother." 

And I die and cry and sigh and realize that vodka can pull me through the rough patches of the day to get to the goods of this little gem.  (Just kidding!  I don't really drink vodka during the day) 

February is just days away and I know the sun will shine again.

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