Thursday, February 4, 2010 for the whole family!

No impressive composting bucket here!  Just an old (very) frozen margarita mix bucket!  : )

Composting 101 - What Is Compost?

Compost is simply decomposed organic material. The organic material can be plant material or animal matter. While composting may seem mysterious or complicated, it’s really a very simple and natural process that continuously occurs in nature, often without any assistance from mankind. If you’ve ever walked in the woods, you’ve experienced compost in its most natural setting. Both living plants and annual plants that die at the end of the season are consumed by animals of all sizes, from larger mammals, birds, and rodents to worms, insects, and microscopic organisms. The result of this natural cycle is compost, a combination of digested and undigested food that is left on the forest floor to create rich, usually soft, sweet-smelling soil.

Our family compost bucket is under the sink and gets filled up at least twice a week!  It's amazing how quickly that bucket gets full.  And remember, this is all fruit and vegetable waste.  At least that is all I use.  The above mentions animal matter.  I include my brown (non-bleached) coffee filters, coffee grounds and egg shells and any houseplant remains or cut flowers that would be tossed when brown.

This is all fabulous waste that gets dumped into our very large compost containter outside.  This all becomes "gold" soil for the garden.  (over time of course with a little mixing of the waste)  All this waste doesn't end up in landfills.  How cool!  I am doing my little (easy) part that the garden benefits from, which in turn we benefit from after we eat the garden veggies that were planted in the soil. 

Lauren's job is to dump the kitchen compost bucket into the big one outside (weather permitting) and so she is taking part in the garden from a very early stage of prepping excellent soil. 

Evan's job is to.........well, get into the dog-gone bucket under the sink and drive me nuts!  I caught him chewing on a banana peel last night.  I realized it was time to feed him dinner : )

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  1. Did you get pics of Evan eating out of the compost bucket?? Priceless....he's just re-using.