Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A baby shower for Evan....

In my attempt at surviving winter and Lauren having less time in front of the T.V. or computer, she got creative yesterday and I let her make a big mess.  We got a box from my sister Tracy yesterday and she wanted to know why the mail carrier was a woman.  We had a discussion about boys and girls doing any job they choose.  The empty box from the package prompted this whole event.

Lauren wanted to fill the box again and tape it up and pretend she was delivering a package.  She put a costume on and told me, "I dont' have a mail man outfit so I'm just going to use this."  Great.  A black tutu, snow princess sash and pink sequined hat with trailing sash never looked so good on a mail woman!

Then she asked for wrapping paper.  Now, who uses wrapping paper in the world of gift bags?  But, I did have a few scraps leftover from Christmas.  Funny that the kid that remembers everything didn't comment that Santa wrapped all her gifts in this paper!  The wrapping paper lasted about three minutes and then she asked for more.  This is all I have babe!  Make it work.  She kept insisting I had more in my wrapping box and even went to look several times.  Here is where the communication breakdown occurred.....she wanted TISSUE paper and kept saying wrapping paper!  OH!  Alrighty then.

While looking for wrapping paper she came across all the leftover baby gift bags from showers and gifts.  (two kids later........I seem to have a ton of these!)  She then filled up all the bags with various baby and clothing items for gifts.  What I had not realized is that the baby shower was FOR Evan.  This became clear when she went to get a doll and tried to shove it up his shirt.  This explains why using all his boy stuff wasn't good enough because "Evan is having a girl mom."  Okay, it's all becoming clear now Lauren!

She searched cupboards and the fridge for appropriate appetizers and put a gift bag in the oven to represent baking a cake.  She was running around like a mad woman and said "I am working very hard on this shower."  "This is a lot of work mom."  "Evan better like all of this."  (hmmmm, I have said those words I wonder??  Yeah, just about everyday with everything I do for her!!!!!)

I'm not so sure Evan liked the baby shower but he loved crawling through the tissue paper and chaos strewn from one end of the house to the other!

Ah, all for the sake of cooking dinner in peace! (well, kind-of!)  Totally entertaining!

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  1. :) this made me smile!! I like that Lauren was working so hard!!!