Friday, March 26, 2010

Cutest pic ever!

When Lauren started her very first year of preschool she filled out a questionnaire about me for a Mother's Day present.  The "un-scrolling" event was at the Mother's Day party at school.  One of the questions was "what is your mom's favorite drink?"  (HOLDING BREATH...........)  The smart little red-head had the where-with-all to say COFFEE.  LOVE YOU LAUREN!  However, in my book I'm gonna have to vote WINE thank-you-very-much.

Lauren told me last week, "Mom, I know what it means to be drunk you know."  "Oh, you do?  What does it mean?"  "It's when you drink too much beer."  Okay.  Alright.  Well, I don't even really drink beer, nor does you Father.  So.  Okay.

The above picture is RIDIC cute!  It's my BF Kelly and Lauren looking so innocent with that big glass 'o wine.  Hilarious!  Love it!  Wine and waterpark weekend was fab!  Love ya Kel!  : )