Friday, March 12, 2010

I call it an "electronic baby book"...

One of the reasons I started this blog was to document all the little things that happen with the kids.  Things that are so precious and fleeting that as soon as I realize it I'll be sending the darlings off to school and be sitting here bawling my eyes out....and then I can read all these little bloggy gems and be reminded of the good, the bad and the ugly.  Life on the frontlines of motherhood so to speak.  Because really, who has time for the traditional scrapbooks/baby books?  I have one for each child but after about a year it trickles off.

So to document life on the Evan-front, he is a little ball of boy energy and cuddles.  He cuddles more everyday and snuggles up with a blanket when I say "oh so soft and cuddly....cuddle bug baby boy."  He nuzzles his neck into the blanket he pulls off the back of the rocking chair. 

He wants to do everything himself....this is why mom's purposefully DON'T show them things.  You would have thought I would have learned the first go-round.  I showed him how to take a spoon and dip into his yogurt and feed himself.  Well, well well!  You'd have thought I showed him how to build a rocket ship to Mars.  However, any time Evan eats now it's a battle between me trying to keep the mess to a small radius surrounding the high chair,  or letting him go balls out mess-crazy.  Dear Lord, I can't complain......the kid knows what he wants and that he wants to do it HIM-SELF.  Thank you very much.  WOW.  This is why WINE was invented. 

Any mom will glady tell you that the list of things that PECK-PECK-PECK itself on her arm all day long until the pain becomes dull and somewhat less annoying out of the consistency of the pecking is the "what should I feed the kids?"  question.  HURT ME.  I love cooking and yet this task is so painful some days that I want to run from my home and go hide at McDonald's.  And I detest those golden arches with a passion.  It's one of the reasons our country is obese and diseased.  I loved that show "Honey, we're killing the kids..."  It was gene.  My bag of tricks is light on the inspiration these days.  "What do you have mom?"  OMG.  The same **** I feed you everyday.  Just pick one of the items and let's move on before I kill myself."  "I'm hungry."  "Yes, honey I'm hungry too.  FOR A BABYSITTER." 

Also, stop touching me and stop asking me questions.

WAIT.  Wasn't this supposed to be some love-fest in regard to Evan and his precious little lovelies that I can pull out later and reminisce about? 

Whew.  I love having a blog.  hahahahhahah  vent. vent. vent.  read later. 

So Evan, yes my dear son....he's walking more than ever now.  He just really kicked into high gear today.  He balances and takes off and is like...."huh?  wha?  holy cow! cool!"  As for his verbal skills (mad skillzzzz) he says "HI" and "Georgia" addition to mama, dada, and all those standard 15 month old words, the boy honestly says HI.  The proof in the pudding was last Friday at the library when he crawled over to the new kitchen set, promptly grabbed the fake cell phone, put it to his ear and said HI.  The kid is obviously advanced and I should begin looking for gifted programs.  hahahahhaha  Georgia is the name of our cat and apparently we say GEOR-GIA all day long.  (from my mouth it sounds very my love of animals kinda went out the window when the kids came along......sorry animal lovers, it's reality) 

My husband SWORE up and down last Sunday that he said Georgia, but you know things such as this aren't really "legit" until Mom confirms it all!  Well today Evan was a "GEOR-GIA" sayin' fool!  All these advancements are large in part to his sister Lauren too.  Let's give credit where it is due!  I haven't ever read the kid a book and by this time I had read Lauren a small library!  This is why the first born children are different than the second born children despite parents doing the what they think is the "same".

I always thought I wanted two girls but when little man Evan came along.......well, my little boy just warms my heart.  There is something about mother-son and mother daughter relationships and I am so thrilled to be experiencing both.

Next post.......discussing the latest advancements in the life of the red head.  She's four years old going on 13.  I'm not kidding.  I'm kinda freaking out here.  : )

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  1. L-O-V-E it!!! All the great info about Evan along with the rant....because it is simply part of being a mom. You can't survive without both. Looking forward to reading Lauren's update. It makes me feel like I am there....almost.

    I need to look at my blog as an "electronic scrapbook" also. Many days I think about writing and stop, afraid that the only people who would be interested are the grandparents. I've now decided...who cares? If the grandparents would enjoy it then I will write it. Love You