Monday, March 1, 2010

Like I said....

Lauren has been taking swimming lessons every Wednesday morning for a half hour.  Apparently studies have shown that a half hour is what works best for attention spans of little ones.  The first two or three lessons she did everything her teacher told her to do.......including jumping off the side of the pool into the teacher's arms and going down the dolphin slide to be caught in the arms of her teacher. 

Something between those first lessons and now, the red head decided that the above two activities weren't something she wanted to do.  Now, in a half hour there isn't a whole lot more going on in this lesson.  Each week I sit behind the glass wall and think, hmmmmmmmmm....wonder when we can move beyond these activities and get to the ACTUAL swimming which is what I AM PAYING YOU FOR.  Lauren started at level two because she had the basics down.  (basically, meaning she wasn't a scaredy cat) So pouring a bucket of water over her shoulders at the start of each class is sorta lame.

Now, they do put their faces in the water, blow bubbles, put their arms out in front of themselves (this is as close as we are getting to the "swimming" part of the lesson) and they float around on the "magic carpet" while kicking their feet.  (again, simulating "swimming" I suppose) 

So before going to the last two lessons I have had preschool flashbacks from 2008.  Lauren was in no-way interested in detaching herself from my left hip to go off in the cold, cruel world without me to meet friends, do a craft, have a little circle time and enjoy a small snack.  (WITHOUT ME)  Now, had I been attending with her, SIGN HER UP.  So all this anxiety on her part led to my panic and anxiety and major frustration.  I was kinda like...."Look, in a few weeks you will be loving preschool and begging me to go, so suck it up and shake it off and just do it babe.  This is really how life is gonna feel time and time again."  I never dreamed I would be like this.  I would have bet money on me being the hand-holder, giving-in mom saying "if you really really really don't want to do this, that's okay babe.  Let's go home." 

Well, here's the thing folks.  Turns out, I'M NOT THAT MOM.  And really, thank goodness.  She will be so much better off in the long run.  No hand holding here.  Plus, I'm a stay-at-homer.  That makes a difference.  I adore her and she knows it.  She has a ridiculously fantastic life filled with hugs and kisses, rainbows and hearts, AND I am WITH HER ALL THE TIME.  I think this takes the edge off any hand holding.

So, let's get to the point here.  Swimming lessons........yes.  Because of her "I don't want to do this at lessons today" crap I kinda freaked out last week.  I like to play hard ball and put down demands, threats, and yes...yell.  Sometimes too loud and sometimes too much.  (This is where I say she will be so much better off in the long run....hahahahaha)  My husband is usually the one to take me aside and tell me to lay off the yelling.  Hey buddy, YOU try being with a kid 24/7!  Yelling makes me feel better!  You go to an office everyday and talk to real-live adults!

Here's the kicker:  tonight while cooking dinner Lauren declared, "Mom, I really want to keep going to swimming lessons.  I'm done with the games." 

There you have it.  WOW.  And really what do I expect from a gal who likes to wear Ariel pj's with a pink cowboy hat and boots?!!!!

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