Friday, March 5, 2010

Potsticker Fun for the whole Family...

For the part of me that wants to do everything myself, (because I do it best don't you know?  hahaha) and that part of me that doesn't want to deal with extra messes...........I need to give it up!  Lauren is truly happiest when I let her help, cook, bake, peel, or do anything creative.  She was SO good at making these potstickers!  And she was much happier about trying and eating them because SHE MADE THEM!  This is a simple and delicious meal.  Try it tonight with your family!  Traditional "dumplings" made with hand made dough become a quick meal by using won ton wrappers found in most grocery stores.  The filling is simple ground chicken, pork or turkey.  I added pickled ginger to the filling and the slaw.
And don't forget the slaw!  I made some brown rice and piled the slaw on top and then added the potstickers to that with a sprinkle of green onions and extra Sriracha (garlic-chili hot sauce!  I may become addicted!)


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