Wednesday, April 14, 2010

All they want to do is be outside.....

And it's not even MAY yet!  And for my sister who religiously reads my blog because she loves me so much....Um, yeah....your nephew will MORE THAN LIKELY still be sucking on a SOOTHIE "baby binks" in August.  Get real.  I have come to grips with it and I'm fine with it.  So you owe me $1.50 for the one you threw in the garbage instead of keeping it until August!  : )

And isn't that stupid DISH attached to the side of the house hideous?  What would live be if we did not have T.V. or had the will to "just give it up"????  wow!


  1. Amelie is the same! She keeps going to the door and yelling "SIDE, SIDE!".

  2. We are outside all the time now makes for great early bedtimes :)