Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Because who doesn't love a Radish?

Spicy, peppery, crispy....doused with salt.....enter mouth.....crunch, crunch, crunch....yum.
And really, if you are a root vegetable in the family of a mustard green or turnip, well, are friend of this family. 
And another cool factoid:  The descriptive Greek name of the genus Raphanus means "quickly appearing" and refers to the rapid germination of these plants. Raphanistrum from the same Greek root is an old name once used for this genus. The common name "radish" is derived from Latin (Radix = root).
So yeah, that's all neat.
And don't you just love how (at my market at least) radishes by the bunch look like you just picked them from the garden?  All rubber-banded together with the big bunch of green leaves on top with the red gems dangling beneath? 
I am considering growing them in the garden this year.  Because really, there is nothing better than pulling a root veggie out of the garden dirt, washing it off with the hose and popping it into your mouth!  I still have that memory from children with baby carrots.  ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....
Happy Farmer's Markets beginning soon! 

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