Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Does having too many kids get you on T.V.?

Two Kids vs. A Litter....
I find this photo hilarious.  Picture day for Lauren at school....Evan so unhappy to get in the photo!

Did you happen to catch the Oprah interview with Nadya Suleman (otherwise known as "octomom")?  WOW is all I can really say.  It put my "bad" mom days with TWO kids into perspective.  I am not sure if I think Nadya is crazy now, was crazy and recovered or is still crazy.....Or, if having all these kids MADE her into a crazy!  Watching a day in her life makes me run for the bottle of wine.  I can't really feel sorry for her, as she chose to have all these kids, but I do feel very bad for the kids.  There is no way they will EVER get the love, affection, attention or care they deserve.

BUT!  I did see that she makes French toast for 14 kids in the morning and well, if she can do so can I!  ahahha  Goodbye to the Trader Joe's frozen brand and hello home-made breakfast kids!  Lauren may prefer the frozen........she ate less of mine this morning.  You gotta love kids.  Help us all.

My husband commented last night that the only shows I watch are about crazy people who have too many kids.  Hmmm....he might have a point!  My new favorite is "9 by Design" on TLC....taking the place of my love to hate family "John and Kate Plus 8" followed by "19 Kids and Counting."  Oh, and there are so many others....WE network has a show called "Growing up Sextuplets" which I've seen many episodes of but don't follow.  

Why do I want to watch these families?  I guess its just the reality TV scene.  You can't look away.  You get sucked in.  It makes you feel normal or even better about your life.  Why are these shows so popular?  What are you hooked on watching?

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